DISCLAIMER. I would like to thank the newspapers that have covered the Walter Masocha story as they have helped raise awareness of abuse happening in some churches which has been going unreported. However, I have not given any national newspapers the right to waiver my anonymity as a victim of Walter Masocha. This is a personal blog and its within my legal rights to express myself here. According to the law my identity is protected in the media. At this stage, I do not wish to be named in any Scottish or English National Papers. Any newspapers that will name me/ or have already done so have done this without my permission or consent. Any newspapers which have published my picture have done so without my consent. I do not wish to have my pictures published in any Scottish or English newspapers. I ask the media , which I greatly respect for their support in this case in covering the story to respect my right to anonymity as a victim and not name me in any newspapers unless I sign a consent form and agree to do so. I am not ready to be named and I want to use the protection I am granted by law at this time. Thank you.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Agape Cult Member Tsitsi Chikowore Speaks Out: I AM STILL IN THE CULT!

Agape Cult Leader Tsitsi Chikowore has released an official statement to the "Nation"  on her Facebook page that she is still "Fully a Child of Agape" and that "we have had it from the horse's mouth". Not exactly sure what that means but I'm assuming she meant "we have heard it from the horse's mouth, not had. 
Cult member Tsitsi Chikowore speaks out

Its been almost three weeks since I did the story on her alleged departure from the cult, as we understand the few remaining cult leaders are now leaving Agape, but for some strange reason it has taken her this long to officially respond to the blog. As a journalist I understand that if you want to respond to an allegation at least do it whilst the issue is still trending. To be fair Tsitsi, my readers had actually forgotten that you left the cult, and we were now focusing on other important issues, ie the upcoming trial of sex offender Walter Masocha, but nevertheless, I am grateful that you chose to respond to the blog dear, better late than never. 

I also understand your Daddy Walter Masocha has repeatedly warned you Agape "children" to stop responding to allegations on social media, especially Facebook, but anyway, desperate times I guess. 

According to my reliable source, Tsitsi is alleged to have recently gone back to the cult after a heart to heart reconciliation with the sex offender, which is why it took her a long time to respond to the blog. My reliable source by the way is actually very close to Tsitsi Chikowore, my source eats and dines with her (if only she knew...) but anyway. Talking of titles, it is still unclear whether Tsitsi gets to retain her all important title of Evangelist upon her prodigal daughter return to the cult, some cult former members have alleged they were demoted from big cult positions once they return as prodigal children. I am sure Tsitsi herself will tell us whether she still an Evangelist or not. 

Here is the full unedited Facebook statement from Tsitsi Chikowore, as a fair journalist who values the integrity of my blog, I also have to give her the platform to share her side of the story. Please dear readers excuse the poor grammar of the statement. Faith Domingo Nechironga who has been branded as a thief in the UK for allegedly fleecing over £20 000 from unsuspecting victims in holiday pyramid schemes also pledged her support for Tsitsi Chikowore as seen below. She is also reported to have recently gone back to the cult after the stealing scandal. 

I leave you my dear readers with this video of a women's conference in Agape where Tsitsi was leading "worship" followed by a disturbing dramatic testimony given by Edna Guvheya about Walter Masocha. Unfortunately I was part of the testimony, in fact I was at the heart of this testimony. Warning, there is a lot of wailing and crying in the video, most of it was exaggeration and being caught up in the moment to be honest. I dont think anyone even knows why they were crying. Personally I do not know why I was acting this way during the dramatic testimony, I believe I was not in a right frame of mind during my time in the cult and I was obviously under some sort of spell.  Its all very sad indeed but a perfect exposition of what this cult did to all of us. May these videos help even one person to escape spiritualism, demonic chantings and cults. That's my prayer. Have a blessed weekend my dear readers...

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


I feel this is a topic I have to address for a number of reasons, the main reasons being its bringing confusion to a number of people who are trying to move on from Agape.  It does appear a number of readers want to discuss this topic, and I believe its my duty to provide the platform for discussion. This blog has always been a place of healing for a lot of people who were abused by Walter Masocha. It has also been a place of reflection and revelation. I personally have learnt a lot especially from those who contribute to the blog, the readers. I do treasure the input of the readers, and recently following the upcoming trial of Masocha in April 2016, a lot of readers are asking the question why ex Agape leaders feel the need to remain with the titles Walter Masocha gave them, even though they are no longer in Agape.

Walter Masocha wearing the 6 pointed star operating in his self appointed title as "Archbishop"

As most readers are aware, most ex Agape leaders have started ministries of some sort, and they carry the titles Walter Masocha gave them to their new ministries. I am not here to comment on the ministries, as it is not my place. Each person is led by God to do what they believe is right. I have been led to start a ministry myself, which is the work I do to help women who have been abused so it is not my place to comment on various ministries formed by ex Agape leaders.  However according to recent comments on the blog, some people feel confused about the issue of titles and moving on, a lot of people are trying to find their feet spiritually again, its not easy to come out of a cult, it takes a lot of soul searching and bravery to do so, but when one comes out and realises that some of their ex leaders who have also jumped the ship with them are still carrying the titles they got from Agape, surely it brings some sort of confusion.
I was ordained Deacon by Walter Masocha, in Agape I was called Steward Jean. Personally, I do not believe I was ever ordained a Deaconess. I do not believe I am still a Deaconess. I do not believe Walter Masocha was a ever a prophet of God. When he ordained people, he always said he was "anointed to anoint". I do not believe there was ever an anointing on him. He started his ministry on a foundation of lies. He lied that the United Nations offered him a million dollar job with a mansion and helicopter in New York. He lied that Judith Masocha was his first wife. He lied that his step daughters were biologically his. He lied that he saw God. He lied that the hotel were he received the vision had a tear drop in the double glazed window. He lied that he healed cancer and HIV, some people have died from not taking their medication. He lied that he could read peoples minds and had x-ray eyes to see peoples intestines. He lied that he spent days praying in the mountains when he was on holidays busking in the sun. .  .  He lied and lied and lied. So I can not accept that I was ordained a Deaconess by a man of God. This is my own personal conviction when it comes to the title Walter Masocha gave me. I understand everyone is different and may feel differently when it comes to titles given by Walter Masocha. 

I also understand when Walter left Zaoga, he told people to focus on the new vision, and he instructed that titles from Zaoga should not be brought through to Agape. So he gave new titles to his followers. I am not attacking those still carrying Agape titles, but I believe we need to come to some sort of understanding and have a discussion from both sides as to why the titles are still being used. Do ex Agape leaders feel they were ordained by God? If so, was Walter a true prophet of God when he was ordaining his followers? I understand that ex Agape leaders advised former members to throw away the towels, the overalls, the DVDs, the booklets, the Masocha portraits etc. Anything to do with Agape was to be thrown away as part of the healing and deliverance. So why not the titles?  When Walter Masocha was ordaining Envoys and Evangelists he did say they now had the anointing of Walter Masocha. When the newly ordained Envoys were to lay hands on people, it was as though it was Walter Masocha himself laying his hands on the saints. He did say through the ordination, his spirit, (the spirit of Walter Masocha) was now on the leaders. So when you carry the title of Walter Masocha when you leave Agape, are you not carrying the spirit of Walter which he imparted on you at ordination? 
By the way I still have the Agape DVDs and pictures. I do not keep these for my personal use, I do not watch them for my personal edification. These DVDs I keep as evidence of the false teachings and satanic rituals that were done in Agape. I used the DVDs in court against Shingai Musuka, I have given a number of journalists some copies, I still plan to do more expositions with the DVDs as its part of my work especially now as we await the all important upcoming trial. Talking of DVDs here is a video footage of sex offender ordaining new Envoys in 2012.

I leave my dear readers with this scripture from 2 Corinthians 6:14-16... 
14 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?15 What harmony is there between Christ and Belial? Or what does a believer have in common with an unbeliever? 16 What agreement is there between the temple of God and idols? For we are the temple of the living God. As God has said. 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


A churchman is to face trial accused of sexually assaulting a woman by stuffing cash into her bra and exposing himself.
Walter Masocha sorrounded by young teenagers at a church event
Walter Masocha, 51, is also accused of indecently assaulting a second woman by hugging her and making sexual remarks to her at an airport.
The pastor, living at The Church of Agape in Stirling, is said to have sexually assaulted the first alleged victim on various occasions over a three-and-a-half year period between January 2007 and June 2010 at an address in Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire.
Prosecutors allege he repeatedly touched her on the breasts over her clothing, placed money into her bra, kissed her on the lips and exposed himself to her.
He is also alleged to have indecently assaulted the second woman on various occasions between March 2008 and the end of May 2011, both at his home near Stirling and atEdinburgh Airport.
It is further alleged that he indecently and sexually assaulted the second victim on various occasions at the airport and at The Church of Agape, Coseyneuk House, Sauchieburn, by Stirling, by repeatedly touching her, and making sexual remarks.
Masocha appeared in the dock and entered pleas of not guilty to three charges against him at Stirling Sheriff Court on Tuesday.
Sheriff Gillian Wade QC ordered the case to be set down for trial starting on April 25.
Prosecutor Jemma Eadie told the court she expected the trial to last three to four days.
Source STV News Scotland

To The Few Remaining Agape Cult Members 
Though the victims have my prayers and support at this very difficult and traumatic time, please do not blame me, Jean Gasho for this trial. I am not involved, neither will I be one of the witnesses testifying. This trial does not involve me whatsoever. Do not accuse me of witchcraft. I am currently enjoying new year blessings with my husband Nino and our 4 beautiful children.  Thank you. 

In Other News

Mary the Agape woman who was sectioned at the beginning of year under the mental health act remains in hospital. It is with great sadness that I inform my dear readers that Mary's condition has deteriorated. She was briefly taken off the section but is now sectioned again. It is with great sadness I also announce that despite the calamities Mary is facing, she remains a loyal follower of the cult even in hospital. She has been instructed by Walter Masocha to refuse treatment and medication in hospital and to rely on the God of Agape for healing and deliverance, despite him running away from her when she needed his prayers. It is also being alleged that Walter Masocha wants Mary to die so that he will use her blood as a sacrifice for this upcoming trial.  My dear readers please continue to pray for Mary, that God will have mercy on her and deliver her from this spell, she may be blind but she does not deserve to suffer like this. 

Thursday, 14 January 2016


AGAPE CULT MEMBERS: Do not threaten me with fire and death. Do not call me a witch because I have published this story. Other top UK National papers are finding it newsworthy.  Its in the daily mirror UK published 5 hours ago. I have only copied and pasted it to my blog. Do not threaten me with death, I am just doing my job as a journalist. If the threats of fire continue I will have to inform the police. I have the right to publish news on my blog, here is the full unedited story from the Mirror. Thank you. 

Otilia praising the God of Agape

Otilia Choga admitted silencing the young patient's monitor in the paediatric intensive care unit at the Portland Hospital in London

A nurse switched off the alarm on a child's monitor weeks after she abandoned her post to get a snack in the canteen, a tribunal has found.
Otilia Choga admitted silencing the young patient's monitor in the paediatric intensive care unit at the Portland Hospital in London's West End.
Pastor Otilia Choga ministering in Agape Church 
Choga failed to recognise or act upon the child's worsening condition after he turned blue, a Nursing and Midwifery Council panel found.
Natasha Partos, for the NMC, said on February 8, 2014 two of Choga's colleagues at the nurses' station noticed the patient's stats were dropping.
Ms Partos said: "They attended Patient A who they described as being blue in colour and required medical intervention.
"The registrant in fact was present in the patient's room.
"The patient's alarm had been turned off and it is the NMC's case that the registrant failed to acknowledge the other members of staff in the room, failed to assist and failed to recognise that Patient A's condition was deteriorating and thereafter take appropriate action."
Choga had left the unit without informing colleagues when she was the nurse in charge on December 17, 2013.
Ms Partos said: "At the commencement of the registrant's shift she was the runner on duty.
"This was a high dependency ward where many of the patient's relied on one to one care.
"On that particular morning shift there was a patient who required an urgent MRI scan."

The Great Portland Hospital in Central London
Hearing: The nurse admitted the accusations against her

Ms Partos informed the panel the staff member in charge left the unit with this patient and asked Choga to act in charge in his place.
"She was to take charge of the unit and should remain until he returned," she said.
Later, a matron on the unit was unable to locate Choga on the ward.
"She found the nurses were distressed and that there was no senior member of staff present," Ms Partos said.
"The registrant was found by the matron in the canteen.
"The matron was informed that she had left the unit because she was hungry.
"The registrant had left the unit without informing anyone or ensuring that anyone else was left in charge in her absence."
One nurse had been found crying on the unit upon Choga's return as she had been unable to get assistance when required.
Choga also left a patient, who was ventilated and intubated, unattended on May 1, 2014.
"She left a patient who was on one to one care unattended which was at odds with the procedures and policy in place," said Ms Partos.
Another staff member reported his concerns for the patient to the matron in charge.
James Churchill, chair of the NMC panel, said: "There remains a risk of repetition of errors of judgement, particularly if you were to return to work in a similar environment."The panel concluded that your fitness to practice is impaired on the grounds of public protection."
Choga, who was present and represented at the hearing, admitted silencing the alarm, leaving the unit without informing others and ensuring someone else was put in charge and leaving an intubation patient unobserved.
It was found proved she failed to recognise the patient's deteriorating condition and failed to take appropriate action and she had been instructed to stay on the unit by a colleague.
The NMC panel also found Choga guilty of misconduct on all charges and that her fitness to practice is impaired.
They will now decide what the appropriate sanction for Choga's actions will be.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Agape Pastor Nurse Admits Silencing Alarm At London Hearing As Two More Loyal Members Leave The Cult

  • London: Otilia Choga is accused of switching off monitor of sick child at top private hospital and also failing to recognise or act upon the child's worsening condition. 
  • Meanwhile Tsitsi Chikowore leaves Agape Cult After A Bust Up With Masocha Over Demon Possession
  • Ruvimbo Matorera No Longer Attending Agape
  • The Agape Empire Continues To Collapse 

As Walter Masocha begins his year in Court facing  charges of multiple accounts of sexual assault, one of his top allies and female pastor whose role in Agape is to supervise single mothers and to pray round the clock for Walter Masocha, Otilia Ghoga has been accused of switching off child's monitor to get a snack. Choga who appeared in Court in Central London yesterday on 11 January 2016 has been charged with gross misconduct. Known in Agape as Envoy Otilia is the woman who recruits prayer warriors for the paedophile, her team is known as Eagles Knees, the Eagle being off course Walter Masocha. Since I fled Agape, Otilia Choga is one of the women who persecuted me for saying I was abused. She prayed that God would curse me. I bumped into her in Milton Keynes soon after I lost my home and she went on to write on Agape Blog mocking my homelessness. As a prayer warrior for Masocha, I believe she was at the heart of writing my name on the Agape alter and praying that all the misfortunes of Agape children come on me. In 2014 a few Keyboard Warriors and Team Jean members tried to report Otilia Choga and a few other Agape nurses to the NMC for misconduct. My dear readers, I am not gloating over Otilia's sad situation, and never have I prayed a prayer to curse her or wish her ill, but God has taught me that vengeance is His, He will repay.  With most of Agape leaders now fleeing  the cult, those remaining in the cult seems to be under some sort of vengeance from the Lord. 


CENTRAL LONDON A nurse at a leading private hospital switched off the alarm on a child's monitor weeks after she abandoned her post to get a snack in the canteen, a hearing was told. Otilia Choga has admitted silencing the young patient's monitor in the paediatric intensive care unit at the Portland Hospital in London's West End. But Choga denies failing to recognise or act upon the child's worsening condition after he turned blue at the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Natasha Partos, for the NMC, said on February 8, 2014 two colleagues at the nurses' station noticed the patient's stats were dropping. Source www.courtnewsuk.co.uk`

Otilia Choga ministering as a Pastor in Agape Church

From Nursing and Midwifery Council Website: January 2016 Hearings Allegations: CHOGA, Otilia 99Y0332O
That you a registered nurse, and whilst employed at The Portland Hospital:
1. On 17th December 2013, whilst in charge of the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, you left the Unit:
a. when you had been instructed by colleague A to remain on the Unit until they returned
b. without informing anyone that you were leaving the Unit
c. without ensuring someone else was left in charge in your absence
2. On 8th February 2014 whilst allocated Patient A you:
a. silenced the alarm on Patient A’s monitor
b. failed to recognise Patient A’s deteriorating condition
c. failed to take appropriate action in respect of Patient A’s deteriorating condition.
3. On 1st May 2014 left a Ventilated and Intubated patient unobserved in a cubicle on the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.
AND in light of the above, your fitness to practise is impaired by reason of your misconduct.

Walter Masocha tells his congregates that he has x-ray vision to see peoples intestines but he could never see the destruction of his own church or the perils to be faced by his own pastors

In Other News...

Agape Pastor Tsitsi Chikowore leaves Agape after fallout with Masocha over Ruvimbo Matorera involving demon possession

When I was in Agape, my then best friend Ruvimbo Matorera was the woman I confided in over the abuse I was suffering under Walter Masocha. The day I reported Walter Masocha to the police, Ruvimbo betrayed me and pledged her alliance with Agape and Sex Offender Walter Masocha. I can now reveal that Ruvimbo Matorera, who attended the Walter Masocha trial in support of the paedophile has now officially left Agape. This happened after a series of events where she was going to Pastor Tsitsi Chikowore's house for prayers. Ruvimbo then told her daddy Walter Masocha that she was being prayed for by Tsitsi Chikowore after experiencing a few problems. Walter Masocha then advised Ruvimbo to avoid being laid hands on by Tsitsi Chikowore because she was a woman with "demons" and could easily pass on those demons to Ruvimbo. Walter Masocha advised Ruvimbo not to tell Tsitsi what he said about her, but Ruvimbo being Ruvimbo went and told Tsitsi that "Daddy Masocha had said she had demons". Tsitsi did not take this very well, felt betrayed by Masocha and confronted the Sex Offender, who refused to comment on the matter. Tsitsi Chikowore, who was one of the most faithful Agape leaders then washed her hands off the cult and left. Her husband Walter Chikowore however, is still going to Agape, remaining loyal to Masocha,  leaving his wife behind. This resulted in Ruvimbo being torn in between, and abandoning the cult. According to my reliable sources, it is alleged an Agape church member also disappeared with a chunk of money that Ruvimbo was given on her wedding by her relatives. It is still unclear if Ruvimbo's husband Odingo is still going to the cult, which is very likely, the saga continues. 

Ruvimbo and I during my time in Agape

Friday, 8 January 2016

Walter Masocha's Second Trial To Begin As Devoted Church Member Is Sectioned Under The Mental Health Act.

  • Sex Offender Walter Masocha to appear at Stirling Sherif Court on 19 January 2016 charged with several accounts of sexual assault
  • If Masocha pleads guilty he will be sentenced straight away
  • If he pleads innocent the trial will begin on 1 February 2016 and a jury will be selected to give the verdict
  • Meanwhile a devoted Church member, a single mother of two is currently sectioned under the Mental Health Act after she suffered a breakdown during the Christmas period 
  • Her condition deteriorated after she turned to Walter Masocha for help and deliverance, Walter Masocha refused to see her, leading to her sectioning 
  • Few remaining leaders of Agape Church continue to leave the cult, with Ian McHardy and Muchengeti Hove being the latest church leaders to officially leave Agape
It doesn't rain but pour in the Agape Kingdom of darkness, as sex offender Walter Masocha is to begin his New Year in court again, this time charged with more accounts of sexual assault. Victims who are former church members are expected to testify about the sexual abuse they suffered in the hands of the self appointed prophet. If Masocha pleads "not guilty"  on 19 January, which is most likely as he is appealing his previous convictions, the trial will begin on 1 February 2016 at Stirling Sheriff Court in Scotland.  This will be the second trial of Walter Masocha, who was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault in April 2015. His second trial will begin before he appeals against his previous convictions on February 9. Few remaining church members are reportedly fasting and praying for their "prophet" whom they believe is being persecuted for being a true man of God. Among those fasting and praying for the pedophile is my ex husband Shingai Musuka and his mother and sisters. 

Masocha back in court on 19 January

In the wake of the second trial, a devoted church member, a single mother has suffered a serious nervous breakdown after she visited Walter Masocha's mansion in Scotland asking for prayers and deliverance. To protect her identity I will use the name Mary (not her real name). Mental illness is not something to mock or laugh at. Though Agape Church is well known for mocking and abusing people who suffer from mental illness, on  this platform I do not mock vulnerable adults who are suffering from any form of mental illness. It is never one's fault to be mentally ill. However as part of my job of fighting and exposing religious abuse and its detrimental effects, I have to write about the breakdown of this poor woman because Walter Masocha is at the heart of this very troubling incident. It is not the first time members of Agape Church have been sectioned under the mental health act after some breakdown in church. Ambulances and police are often called at church services. Agape church in the form of mental nurse Gertrude Musuka tried to get me sectioned, the only problem was that I was not mentally unwell so the sectioning never happened. In this sad incident of Mary, her sectioning was set up by church member Winnie Mawarire under the instruction of Walter Masocha. Walter Masocha always uses his female "envoys" to bully other  vulnerable church members. 

 For Mary, her fate began during Christmas when she traveled to Scotland to see her Daddy after a series of disturbing episodes, uttering that Masocha was a sorcerer using black magic to sacrifice church members for his own gain.  Upon her arrival at Scotland, Walter Masocha then absconded from his mansion refusing to see her. Church leader Winnie Mawarire then took it upon herself to tell Mary to leave Scotland and the man of god alone. Obviously feeling betrayed that her Daddy refused to see her at her deepest moment of need, Mary then kicked off, police were called, and as I write this blog, she is currently sectioned under the mental health act. 

Please watch Masocha pretending to pray in tongues 

This episode is not new to Masocha or Agape. Last year during the Masocha trial, another devoted female church member was sectioned under the mental health act after she started uttering that Masocha was a sorcerer killing people and sacrificing church members so he can escape justice. A number of church members have died mysteriously in Agape, with Catherine Chigavazira falling to her death during a church service on the pulpit after she had wrote on Facebook that I was going to die shortly because I had persecuted Walter Masocha. Also the horrific death of Scott Chiriseri was also linked to Walter Masocha. So as his second trial approaches, with only days to go, another poor woman is cruelly locked away in a mental institute.  Mary's two teenage daughters are reported to be extremely distraught and want nothing further to do with Agape cult or the leader Walter Masocha. Unlike Agape, on this blog we do not mock mental illness. Please dear readers, I urge you to pray for Mary and her two teenage daughters. She may have been a blind gullible devoted Agape member till Christmas 2015,but she does not deserve to be sacrificed to this cult. 

In Other News

I can confirm that Agape Financial Administrator Ian Mchardy has officially left the cult. I can also confirm that former Pastor Muchengeti Hove has now officially left Agape and is currently under separation from wife Tinashe. He is in the process of setting up his own ministry, but is now currently a full time church member at controversial church Spirit Embassy led by Eubert Angel. His wife, Tinashe Hove is still in Agape, neglecting her children. She now spends most of her time at Cosyneuk House, Masocha's mansion, and now declares she has no husband. She has vowed to stand with the sex offender, even at the expense of her children and marriage. Another divorce in the hands of Walter Masocha. I can also confirm Callisto Misi is reported to be contemplating leaving the cult too. The saga continues. 

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Must Watch Videos Of Occultism And Extreme Brainwashing Of Walter Masocha

In Agape angels were a big deal, angels were worshiped, angels were "seen". At one conference a number of church members probably over 50 testified to have seen lions, angels and clouds during a church service. I can not dispute that people did not see any angels or lions, for Walter Masocha did say his god told him that his children would see signs and wonders. The bible does make it clear that the signs of a true prophet are "good fruits" not miracles. Signs and wonders are actually, in most cases the mark of a false prophet. I personally believe Walter Masocha in his extreme brainwashing tactics and occultism reduced grown men and women to "psychologically disturbed puppets", which is actually a form of "mind control" and spiritual abuse. Please watch the videos and be enlightened about the spiritual abuses and extreme brainwashing affecting black Africans in the diaspora today. Part 3 and Part 4 of the videos to follow. 

Part Two: Please note the woman stammering speaks fluently in real life. She is the wife of convicted pedophile Maxwell Nyakutya and remains a loyal follower of Walter Masocha. 
Part One

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Breaking News: Walter Masocha To Appear In Court Appealing Against Sex Convictions As The Public Outcry Of Ezekiel Guti's Children Continues

  • Sex Offender Walter Masocha to appear in court on 9 February 2016 appealing against his guilty conviction of sexual assault. 
  • Walter Masocha was found guilty of two accounts of sexual assault by a jury of 12 on 27 April 2015 following a trial
  • Shingai Musuka a learning disability nurse gave evidence in support of the paedophile  
  • Walter Masocha still believes the jury was unjust to convict him guilty despite overwhelming evidence that was presented against him in the Court of Law. 
  • Meanwhile the GUTI GATE saga continues as I reveal Dr Ezekiel Guti did actually bless Walter Masocha to start his ministry, and in 2006 urged people to go to Scotland to get blessed by his son "Walter". 
Sex Offender Walter Masocha hugging spiritual son Shingai Musuka who gave evidence in first trial in April 2015

Walter Masocha will appear in the appeal court in Edinburgh for a full hearing on 9 February 2015 at 10:30am. Walter Masocha, who claims is now depressed and on medication does not agree with the guilty conviction that was imposed on him at Falkirk Sherif Court last year. The former Archbishop who fell from grace in 2013 over numerous allegations of abuse on female members of his flock, is clearly struggling to accept that the law took its course and found him guilty, thus he want to fight on to clear his name. It is being reported that the sex offender wants to immigrate to the United States and his convictions, along with another 3 further charges of sexual assault and an upcoming trial  will make it impossible for his desire to start afresh in America. 

Ironically on my Facebook page, over the last week I was subjected to cruel tainting and inhuman mockery by the children of Dr Ezekiel Guti, who mocked me for being a victim calling me "a celebrity of abuse" and said it was all my fault that I was abused by Walter Masocha in the first place. The unwavering over zealous followers of Dr Ezekiel Guti, Founder of Forward In Faith Ministries expressed their intense hatred for me, wishing me hell fire for saying I wish a public figure  like Ezekiel Guti along with other Zimbabwean pastors spoke against the crimes against humanity Masocha committed. Upto today I dont know any single Zimbabwean Bishop who has ever condemned church sexual abuse publicly. The followers of Ezekiel Guti went on to mock me saying I need counselling to forgive Walter Masocha and move on with my life, accepting that justice has indeed been served and Masocha has accepted it and moved on. They also said I was demon possessed and needed exorcism for "continually talking about church abuse" and they were now getting "fed up with the whole case and just wanted it to go away". I am sorry members of Zaoga Church, I don't think this story is going to go away any time soon, its not going to disappear. There is no abracadabra on the Masocha case. Again, sorry to break this to you Ezekiel Guti followers, it looks like the man who really needs to accept that the law took its course is Walter Masocha not me. It was a jury of 12 that convicted him after a long and gruelling trial with overwhelming evidence. 

The Ezekiel Guti Gate 

Talking of Ezekiel Guti, in the wake of the outpouring outrage  from members of ZAOGA aka Forward In Faith Ministries worldwide, a lot of information has come to my attention in regards to the personal relationship of Walter Masocha and Ezekiel Guti. For the benefits of my international readers, Ezekeil Guti is one of the most prominent religious leaders of Zimbabwe. He has thousands of followers in Zimbabwe and worldwide, it is an unspoken rule in Zimbabwe that you do not criticize or speak negatively against Ezekiel Guti. Many fear him because because they believe he is anointed therefore speaking against him would amount to being cursed by God. In fact I was warned by a number of his children that I was now officially cursed. One said "the higher the anointing the higher the curse". However I can confirm to my readers that I have not experienced any curses since my last blog post, I entered the New Year safely and beautifully with my family.  

According to my research, I can safely say Dr Ezekiel Guti is the man who groomed Walter Masocha into a "man of God". Walter Masocha was ordained Pastor in ZAOGA Scotland Glasgow Branch in 2003. It was in Zaoga Church Walter is alleged to have started abusing females. It was in Zaoga that he claimed he had the "anointing of an Immigration Officer".  The followers of Ezekiel Guti in the UK who were mostly illegal immigrants started flocking to Scotland to get "blessed" by Masocha, most of them were vulnerable women. The other Pastors of Zaoga in England felt very upset that Walter Masocha was "stealing" their flocks and he was getting more popular in the UK as the favourite son of Ezekiel Guti. The upset Pastors then reported Walter Masocha to Ezekiel Guti that he was causing confusion and havoc in ZAOGA UK. 

In 2006, Dr Ezekiel Guti in favour of his son Walter Masocha then stood up before all his pastors at a UK ZAOGA conference and told the entire church that, I quote " Walter is my son, not only my son but he is a prophet of God. Do not stop him from doing the work of God, if he is praying for people, let him pray. If any of my children wants to travel from England to Scotland to get prayed for and blessed by Walter, let them" After Dr Guti silenced the whole church about Masocha, and nationally declared him a prophet of God, the whole of Zaoga started flocking to Scotland to get prayed for by Walter Masocha regarding immigration papers. Because of Dr Guti, Masocha then developed a massive following, so big was the following that neighbours complained to the police and in 2006 Walter Masocha was served with an ASBO for noisy church gatherings in his house for performing baptisms and exorcisms in neighbours front gardens. Full daily mail article here 

When Walter Masocha realised that he now had a big following after being endorsed by Ezekiel Guti, as "prophet" he then had a bigger master plan. In June 2007 in his own house at number 9 Forth Park, Stirling,  Walter Masocha then launched his own church Agape to a house full of people some where even standing outside. At this launch Walter did announce that Dr Ezekiel Guti blessed him to start his ministry. At no point has Masocha ever said he was disciplined in Zaoga for sexual inappropriate behaviours, neither was he excommunicated from Forward In Faith Ministries. He continued to call Dr Ezekiel Guti "his beloved FATHER" throughout his whole ministry until his epic fall from grace in 2013. Dr Ezekiel Guti, a huge inspirational public figure in Zimbabwe has never denied being the Father of Walter, neither has he ever condemned his son's despicable acts publicly. 

Here is a video of the launch of Agape Church where Walter denied being disciplined or running away from Forward in Faith Ministries. He also clarified he was in excellent standing with Dr Ezekiel Guti. Masocha also confirms in the video in a blasphemous statement that all peoples of all races and nations shall worship him Walter Maocha in Scotland. 

Some of the hateful comments I received from Ezekiel Guti's faithful followers, most were generally mocking rape and abuse so I cannot publish them on here.  

PS; Zaoga people, this blog is a therapeutic tool, a place to express myself and encourage victims of church abuse in regards to  my life changing experiences in the Church, I am a writer and I will actually write what i'm inspired to write about, if you don't like my blogs and find them uncomfortable to read, please kindly unsubscribe from the blog and unfollow me on Facebook, I do not hold anyone ransom at gunpoint to read the blog. Thank you. 

In Other News

The son of Walter Masocha Tafadzwa who was living a luxurious lifestyle in the United States Of America studying for a degree has now returned to the UK permanently with an uncompleted degree. It is now the 3rd degree he has left halfway and failed to complete. His half sister Sandra Masocha Chihuri was also stripped off her degree in Media and Communication  at Forth Valley College in Stirling in 2013 after she was found guilty of plagiarism after I reported her for making me do all her university work "because she was the prophet's stepdaughter". I did have all the evidence that all her "hard work" was actually mine, and that I was made to do her work as part of serving Masocha. Justice may tarry, but it always comes at the end of the tunnel. Happy New Year my dear readers! 

Tinashe Masocha now permanently back in the UK 

Sandra Masocha Chihuri centre was found guilty of plagiarism in 2013 and stripped off her degree

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Outspoken American Athiest And The Silence Of Ezekiel Guti Over Walter Masocha

American Atheist's Outrage On The Masocha Sentence

 As paedophile Walter Masocha is secretly planning of migrating to the United States, even though he is technically not allowed in the country, I'm very grateful that most of my contributions about the paedophile are coming from the States. The Against Walter Masocha Campaign continues worldwide, especially in America. Walter Masocha once prophesied that he will be known world wide because of me, well its truly amazing that his prophecy is slowly but surely coming to pass. One professing atheist and activist by the name of Mental Outlaw did a video in protest and disgust of the lenient sentence given to the sex offender. When this video came to my attention, I  was very encouraged, and I personally wrote to Mental Outlaw thanking him for speaking out against the evils of Walter Masocha.   He may be a non believer, an atheist, but this was one of the most powerful videos about Walter Masocha I ever watched. Whilst Zimbabwean Pastors have strictly maintained some dignified  silence on Walter Masocha, a man who doesn't even believe in God was troubled and disgusted enough to speak out. No wonder the bible says some of he wickedness found among people who claim to love God is not even mentioned among unbelievers. I personally find the silence of Zimbabwean pastors about Masocha equally evil, or rather approving of the evil. As Martin Luther King once said, To ignore evil is to become accomplice to it.

One thing that always disheartened me was the very loud silence of Dr Ezekiel Gut on the whole Walter Masocha saga. Dr Ezekiel Guti was the man who literary made Walter Masocha into the monster he is today. Dr Guti ordained Masocha into ministry in Forward In Faith Church where he made him a pastor. It was in Forward In Faith Church  where Sex Offender Walter Masocha started molesting women and children. So bad was his sexual behaviour that Dr Guti ordered for Walter Masocha to be disciplined. Unable to bear the discipline, Walter Masocha then fled Forward In Faith Church and started his own church, Agape For All Nations Ministries  Paedophiles International. Surely with all the headlines Walter Masocha made worldwide, why did the man who was at the beginning of all this choose to remain silent? After all he was Walter Masocha's spiritual father. Walter Masocha copied most of his narcissism from Forward In Faith Church. He even took hundreds of followers from Forward In Faith when he started Agape. If Dr Guti had done the right thing and reported the allegations of sexual assault in his church to the authorities, this blog would not be in existence today as I would have never met  Waltter Mascoha and a lot of lives would have been saved. Its sad when atheists take a stand and speak out against injustice and evil whilst the men of God chose to do nothing about evil. A wise man once said, " The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good man to do nothing ".
Dr Guti and wife Eunor chose to be silent about evils of Walter Masocha  despite being his spiritual parents
 Talking about spiritual sons, when Masocha fled Forward In Faith Church, he took along with him a young man called Callisto Misi. Callisto is one of Masocha's most faithful bootlicker follower , besides Shingai Musuka of course. So faithful is Calisto that he stood in front of the Agape Church and cried threatening church members that anyone who rebels or speaks negatively against the paedophile will be cursed by God. He lied that God had directly told him this information whilst he was in a trance in some realm. Full video of the disturbing threats is found below. However according to my sources there is trouble in the satanic realm as it is rumoured Callisto Misi is planning of fleeing the cult and starting his own church, likely to be called Spiritual Realm Ministries International. He sure loves his realms. My duty is to warn gullible followers not to follow men like Callisto Misi. He is another Walter Masocha in the making.  Please watch the video below to understand the spirit of heresy that operates in Callisto Misi. End the article with a conclusion maybe as its like Cut! Now all the so called Pastors from Agape Pedophile Ministries International(APMI) are forming new Churches to continue the Evil Business Plan of Walter Masocha, I urge my Readers to be very alert.

During my Agape days with Callisto Misi and wife Fortunate. He often pushed me to the floor during prayer

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Agape Leader Muchengeti Hove Starts Church Behind Sex Offender Walter Masocha's Back

Muchengeti Hove leaves  Agape 

Muchengeti Hove, once the favorite  Pastor of pedophile Walter Masocha, the only Pastor on a payroll in Agape has started a Church/Ministry behind Masocha's back. He is planning to launch the Ministry in January, which he has titled Christ The King Ministries International. What is it with Zimbabweans obsession with the word "International". Everything has to be international. Agape For all Nations Ministries International, now Christ The King bla bla bla International. Can you not just give a name to your Church/Business Plan without dropping in the International? Huh? Anyway, so Muchengeti Hove has finally betrayed his Daddy, he can now also join me and say HE WAS MY DADDY, and I am very blessed to be the first to break the news  to Walter Masocha. Where do I start with Muchengeti Hove.  His wife Tinashe Hove was the apple of Masocha's eye,  the cream of Agape. Tinashe Hove practically lived at Coseyneuk House. She would leave her four children for weeks and months, doing "books" for Daddy at the mansion, apparently she holds an accounting degree which Masocha found very useful. During the trial of Masocha twice I bumped into Tinashe in Stirling, after the long hours of the trial I would see her outside the courtroom sitting on the floor, once I opened the door coming out of the courtroom from giving evidence and she was dozing on the floor waiting for her "Daddy". I think you get the picture now, Tinashe Hove is even on BBC news next to Masocha as she was pictured leaving court with him. 

Tinashe Hove (white shirt and blue suit) leaving court with pedophile Masocha 

Below is the original email that Muchengeti Hove has been sending to people recruiting for his new Church/Business Plan. According to my sources, Muchengeti has been unhappy in Agape for a while now. He wasn't happy with how much time his wife Tinashe was spending with the sex offender Walter neglecting her duties as a mother and wife. Muchengeti was sidelined by Masocha when he "stepped off" from ministry and put Ian Mchardy and staff nurse Julius Gayakaya in charge, Hove felt embarrassed by the snub as he was always in the fore front of defending the pedophile. The recent snub to accompany Judith Masocha to USA as Masocha is obviously banned from the States was the final straw for Hove. He always enjoyed the travelling privileges to America in the name of Agape evangelism. Muchengeti and his wife have no jobs to fall back on, and I guess starting their own business plan/church was the only way out of the cult. 
From: Envoy Muchie Hove <envoymuchie@gmail.com
Subject: Christ The King Ministries
How are you? Trust you are well.
Please  find attached Christ the King Ministries Int vision and logo for ur familiarisation and prayers.
You have been carefully selected to receive this email for an exciting new baby (Ministry) to be launched in January. We kindly request for your consideration to be part of the board of Trustees.
Please note that there will be a clear leadership structure where there is a clear demarcation between the pastoral and the administration albeit working together but for accountability purposes the pastoral shall be more geared towards spiritual matters; thus the ministry of the Word and shepherding and the board for running the church and finances but yet working together as a team.
Pastor Muchie Hove

I also have a copy of his statement of faith and vision. One of the main requirements of being a member of the church is that YOU HAVE to tithe and pay your offerings. However apart from the money hungry presentation of his business plan, I have to say I commend him for emphasizing that he will do everything exactly the opposite of what Masocha did, especially when it comes to marriages, counselling and women.  Unlike Masocha, Hove says apparently his Church will not break marriages. Phew. That's a relief isn't it. He also promises not to bad mouth the other spouse when giving counselling to one spouse in the absence of another. I'm grateful for this development. This is one thing Masocha specialized in, turning couples against each other by telling you what a loser, whore, demon possessed freak you are married to. Hove promises not to do this. He also says no one will counsel a person of the opposite sex alone, again something Masocha specialized in. Here is an excerpt from his code of conduct, interesting indeed. I guess Hove does have a conscience after all. 

Counselling All counselling MUST be based on the Word of God and in the fear of God without favouritism of persons. No one must counsel someone of the opposite gender by himself or herself. For couples counselling must be in the presence of both of them. Should someone married desperately need counselling in the absence of the spouse, you can counsel the person but without being drawn into speaking anything negative about the absent spouse. Resist the temptation of commenting on an absent spouse /person. Counselling must be focussed on the present person. Muchengeti Hove. 

Below is video footage of Muchengeti Hove literally worshiping the sex shamed former Bishop Walter Masocha. Four men appear to be carrying a coffin that is believed to have "python oil" as Masocha walks on people's jackets. Warning, some viewers may find the video disturbing.

My advice to those planning of attending Muchengeti Hove's Church/Business launch in January

Please don't. Agape is a dead. What remains now is the name and website.  Its a rotten tree. The seed of it and the fruit is therefore rotten. And the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree. There is nothing honorable about Muchengeti Hove. This is just desperate measures for desperate times. This man contributed heavily to the life threatening abuses I suffered in the hands of Walter Masocha and Shingai Musuka. He even gave a testimony in Agape after I had fled and called me a witch. He once came into my house and burnt my artwork and threw away all my jewelry (some expensive gifts) saying my stuff was carrying demons. He made me throw away my clothes, the entire wardrobe. He burnt my oil painting and said blood was pouring out of it when it was simply red oil paint. He later testified falsely to Agape that when he was in my house he fell into a trance and God told him "Jean is a witch who will destroy Masocha". He also restrained me, assaulted me in the head with a bible, grabbed my hands and dragged me back in Agape Church  put me in a back room along with my ex husband Shingai Musuka and locked the door, started restraining me and assaulting me commanding me to yell Jesus Jesus. The more I refused and asked him to leave me alone and let me go the more he said the demon in me was talking. My own ex husband Shingai Musuka was yelling "pin her down Envoy, pin her down!". When I fled Agape after the ambulance incident he did nothing to help me, even though I called him asking him to intervene in desperation, he chose to worsen the situation, calling me a witch instead. The bible says if any man desires the office of Bishop, he must be a honorable man of good character, Muchengeti Hove is biblically disqualified to shepherd any human being, especially women.  If the abuses I suffered in this man's hands are not enough to warn you of this man called Muchengeti Hove, I don't know what will. 

In Other News 

I'm getting a lot of information about the scandal in United States regarding newly appointed Pastor Mark Mupfumira. Before he joined Agape, Mark Mupfumira was a successful family man who owned a mansion worth a million dollars in New Jersey. Masocha launched Agape in the States in Mark and wife's mansion, the couple sacrificing their own bed for Walter and Judith Masocha. He promised them more blessings because they had opened their mansion to a "man of God". However today the couple have separated, lost their property, and Mark is about to file for bankruptcy because of a loan he is failing to pay and has a judgement on. The irony of it all is that soon after Mark Mupfumira and wives mansion got repossessed, soon after Walter Masocha purchased himself his cosyneuk mansion. My sources claim Masocha used his "vodoo" to steal every blessing the Mupfumiras had. The man as it stands no longer has anything to his name apart from being an Agape Pastor to two members and standing by a registered sex offender. He lost his house,his wife and hes now about to be declared bankrupt all under the "anointing" and "blessing" of  Walter Masocha.