Thursday, 18 December 2014

If Prophet Masocha can be charged with sexual assault, why not these Zimbabwean men for stripping a woman in public!

Yesterday I thought the Faith video was bad enough, today I see another sickening video on Nehanda TV of a woman in Zimbabwe being sexually assaulted viciously and being called a whore by a gang of hooligans in broad daylight! She was being stripped in public by a group of men. Her crime? She wore a mini skirt. The skirt is not even that short! What is happening to the Zimbabwean Society? Why are women being treated so badly and no one is raising an eyebrow. A woman was sexually attacked in public because she wore a mini skirt and that's okay? Its times like this I feel ashamed to be called Zimbabwean, because this is barbarism at its highest. Why are these men not being charged with sexual assault. Why? For those who don't know, this is the best definition of sexual assault I could find: 

Sexual violence and abuse can be defined as any behaviour perceived to be of a sexual nature which is unwanted and takes place without consent or understanding.

If Walter Masocha can be charged with sexual assault and face trial, why cant these men for attacking a woman in public? If Agape leader and song writer Maxwell Nyakutya was put on the sex offender register and banned from ever teaching for merely stroking a girl's  thigh in public, why cant these men face justice for sexually assaulting a woman in public. They touched and grabbed her bum, they stripped her. How is this different from gang rape? Why are these men not being charged with sexual violence and assault. They pulled the poor woman from a mini bus, she could have fallen and died. This is so wrong Zimbabweans. Yesterday I was speaking for Faith, and today I speak for that poor woman who was violently attacked and striped by a pack of Zimbabwean hooligans in public. The act itself was sickening enough, but someone went on to record it and its now all over social media again. A woman not only being abused sexually, physically, mentally but the act itself is now on display for the world to watch. How humiliating for this woman! Why Zimbabwe? Why? Where is the justice? Where there no police around when this was happening. Was there no sane man, even one man to speak out and stop this barbarism. Oh my heart bleeds for the women of Zimbabwe. It really does. 

You can watch sickening video here on Nehanda TV

Only a month ago a video was posted on Facebook of an evil Nigerian maid torturing a  baby. The public were so outraged and authorities in Nigeria were forced to arrest this evil maid, Today she is behind bars. Justice was served. Should that not be the point of posting such videos online, for justice! Now what is the point of posting this video and people just watch and continue eating their Nandos as if nothing has happened! I really don't understand. Its shocking to me, and maybe I am the only one shocked by the video. But that will not stop me from asking why no men have been arrested and charged for sexual assault, a serious one for that! I want those men charged and brought to justice for doing that to a woman. Do they not have mothers or sisters or daughters, how would they feel if it was their own blood being treated like that! 

 Didn't our ancestors used piratically walk around naked. In Swaziland they do a reed festival with women bare breasted. Is that not our African heritage after all? There are a lot of tribes in Africa today where women still walk around with practically no clothes on, and no one gets raped. Was it not the white man who brought clothes to Africa? Did we not used to walk around naked, in animal skins? And now you want to preach morals to women and attack women violently using culture? Well if we really want to go back to culture everyone should not be wearing clothes in the first place, lets get our animal skins back on! There is no justification for striping a woman in public over her personal choice of apparel. Its evil. Its barbaric and its a CRIME! Maybe Zimbabwe needs a new law put in place to make this barbarism officially illegal breaking of the law. Men can not keep doing this and not face justice. That poor woman should have gone straight to the police to report sexual and physical attack! Zimbabweans do something to stop this barbaric behaviour on women before someone dies.

Two months ago when I entered the Miss Commonwealth Pageant, I only did it because of my burden for Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean Woman in particular. I even chose not to wear any make up and have my hair natural because I said in my interview I wanted to represent the true woman of Zimbabwe, the woman who is in the rural areas and cant afford Mary Kay or Brazilian hair extensions. I want to be able to speak for that woman, the common regular woman of Zimbabwe who doesn't have a voice. I want to speak for the woman who is being subjected to emotional abuse not only by her husband, but by the sisters of her husband too. This is reality in Zimbabwe, its the issues that affect us as women. Toady I write for the woman who was stripped in public for wearing a mini skirt, it wasn't even that short! But that's besides the point. 

By the way, there seems to be a lot of reaction about my post yesterday in support of Faith Mutema. I will repaet, I dont condone any form of fornication whatsoever be it adultery or prostitution or whatever. Faith was very wrong, but she did not  deserve the treatment she received from husband and family. Nothing justifies emotional abuse, NOTHING. And I will maintain my stance and support this woman, because I believe her case has raised awareness on how women are generally treated in Zimbabwe especially by their in laws and husbands. Its a terrible culture that needs to change and is unacceptable and I will speak against it as long as I live. My heart is in Zimbabwe and I have a burden for the Zimbabwean Woman. I am receiving messages in my inbox from men accusing me of harbouring a deep hatred for men and being a feminist and that I should sympathise with Patrick. No, right now I am sympathising with Faith and the woman who was stripped in public by a bunch of violent Zimbabwean men and no one seems to care. Thats where my sympathy is right now, and I wish I could give both these women a hug. I don't have time to sympathise with Patrick and his sister at this particular time.

I will not stop speaking for the Zimbabwean woman. 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

My open letter to Faith Mutema

Dear Faith Mutema

I just watched the video posted by your husband Patrick with much sadness in my heart. I want you to know that I am writing this open letter to you as a woman who has been shamed and publicly humiliated by a sister in law who was supposed to protect me. Darling Faith, your husband taking a video of you crying begging for forgiveness then posting it on social media, including your private Whats App messages shows that this man is evil to the core, not only is he ugly outside, hes also very ugly inside and he never loved you dear. Please take it from a woman who has walked this road. 

My blog is not only about fighting spiritual and sexual abuse, my blog is about fighting emotional and domestic abuse too and enlightening my readers on the issues surrounding all forms of abuse facing women especially in the African society. Often in Zimbabwe, when a woman marries a man, unfortunately she marries his mother and sisters too, the entire clan. Its so bad that the mother and sister at times will even have a say on what happens on the matrimonial bed. I am writing this because I am talking from experience. Its a culture that's rotten to the core, and I hate it!  I have also found that its not as common in other African societies, Zimbabwe seems to have the biggest problem regarding this issue. Zimbabwe seems to be extremely harsh on women within the society.  

Faith dear, read the book of John, there was a woman caught in the very act of adultery. She was brought to Christ so that they would stone her. But Christ said he who was without sin should cast the first stone. Everyone fled, and there was not even one person left to condemn her. Why, because they were worse off sinners than her. Christ told the poor woman that he did not even condemn her, but she should go and sin no more. Faith dear, I am telling you today that JESUS CHRIST DOES NOT CONDEMN YOU either. I saw your tears and shame, you repented and its over. God remembers your sin no more. You said sorry to your husband, he chose not to forgive you but to divorce you publicly and humiliate you. The man is pure evil. No man with a good heart does that to the mother of his children. The bible says even Joseph was a good man. Do you know why Faith, because he chose to put away Mary privately when he thought she had committed adultery. The bible specifically says Joseph did not want to publicly humiliate his wife! A man who does that has a wicked heart. 

Now Faith, I pray you read this letter. You were shamed on social media, I am supporting you on social media! I want you to dry those tears, girl you have cried enough. Stop crying, and find it within yourself to fight back. God is close to the broken hearted, and He is moved by your tears. Faith darling, do you know that the tears of a woman forsaken are so powerful that they move the heart of God? Heaven literally stopped when you cried like that. God loves women, and He hates it when His Princesses are treated like dirt. In the video you said you wanted to die. You said you would rather die. No darling, no humiliation is worth you taking your life, and no man is worth you taking your life either. You have three beautiful babies who adore you. Be strong for them. You do not need a man to define who you are or to bring you happiness. You can find inner piece and happiness within yourself. 

God can turn this tragedy and public humiliation into a triumph okay. Yes its a man's world darling, I get it. I know so. Your husband Patrick is a well known serial womanizer, but that okay, forget him. We as women live in a man's world. But as women, God has given us the power to turn mockery into victory. Thats something men can never do. When a man falls, hes fallen, he can never rise from that. But we women are so different. God has a soft spot for us. Thats why Jesus Christ ONLY ever ministered to women with pasts. Women who were publicly humiliated by society. Thats why there are only five women mentioned in Mathew's genealogy of Christ. Among those women is Rahab the harlot. Faith darling, did you know that Rahab the harlot is today one of the most powerful women to ever be used by God in the bible. She is a hero of faith, and the only woman to be mentioned on the hall of faith in Hebrews 11. God turned a prostitute into a powerful spiritual woman who became a wife and mother in her own right. And her husband was blessed to have Rahab as wife, she was actually a virtuous woman. 

I believe Patrick is he a total loser who doesn't know how to make you feel good, hes also a douche bag.  You are way too strong a woman for his family, they are all a bunch of baboons, trust me I am talking from experience. Faith, being publicly put away by your husband is probably the best thing to ever happen to you. If you are smart enough, and I think you are and stay in your prayer closet, this will work out for your own good. Trust me. 

Right now stay away from men, that lover boy of yours is no good for you either. He too doesn't love you. Purify yourself, get close to God, smile, be happy, look after your children, stay with the people who love you, get your hair and nails done, watch a movie (I recommend Think Like A Man), stay positive and you will be just fine. I know its hard, but you can do it. Right now you are very vulnerable, and men can take advantage of you easily. So you need to stay clear off men, and find yourself, and be strong. Trust me darling, God will give you a husband in the fullness of time. A husband who will not put you away, okay. A husband who will adore you, and worship the ground you walk on. A husband with a family who will love you and treat you like a daughter.  A husband who will redeem you and take away your reproach. A husband who will not deny you. You will be the one saying, "not tonight babe I have so much work to do." 

We now live in the era of social media. People are practically making a career off social media and reality. Dont let social media destroy you hun, but use it to your advantage. Right now as I am writing this blog post, GOOGLE is paying me! Thats the power of social media. I am trying to say something to you here darling, be smart. I am not saying do a Pokello or a Kim Kardishian. You don't have to go to the extreme lol. But use social media to your advantage! Patrick thought he was being smart by posting the video of you crying, but he just showed the world what a douche bag he is. You are so beautiful and young. Even with your three kids you will get a hunk of man who will love you, better looking than Patrick as well lol, am talking from experience too, haha. But you need to be in the right place mentally and emotionally, it will happen. 

If you ever read this Faith, contact me personally via email and I will give you ideas and help you on how you can turn this saga for your own good and move on with your life. By the way you looked absolutely stunning in the video, even when you cry you still pretty, and the dress you were wearing was just ace, you see you have a good fashion sense, and I personally think that horrible tete of yours is just jealous of you, she's probably challenged in the looks department by the sounds of it. On a positive note Faith,  at least you were given your token of divorce (gupuro) by that tete woman face to face,  mine was given over the phone by some  woman called Lucy Mukucha Musuka who then threatened to burn my house down in the process. All because I reported Walter Masocha to the police.   At least no one is threatening to kill you hun. Stay strong and keep your head high, weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. 

Yours truly from experience

Jean x 

Faith and her husband Patrick

Faith and her lover 

Friday, 12 December 2014



Its exactly two years today since the 12-12-12 Agape Conference where Prophet Masocha told his congregation that they were going to hear the voice of God, see flying angels, people would float in the air and other bizarre things of that sort. People came in anticipation, I remember my then friend Vanessa writing on her Facebook wall that this was going to be one of the most historical days in human history, so to an Agape member this day 12-12-12 was a big deal allright. Church members pulled their children out of school. Members fasted for 40 days, including children. Well, despite all the hype and anticipation, NOTHING happened. Not even one thing folks, not even one angel appeared in the sky, it was embarrassing to say the least. Pathetic being an understatement. 

Well today is the 2nd Anniversary of 12-12-12. I thought I would do a video recording for those who have been delivered from this cult and the clutches of Walter Masocha. Unfortunately the volume is very poor on the video, try listening to the video with good quality earphones, it may help. I recorded this video this morning. I will be uploading more videos of Dr Walter Masocha in church doing his thing, including pushing children to the floor and holding a knife to a young girl saying people should die for him, its all shocking, but its coming. I want people to see for themselves and judge who really is the mentally disturbed one, Jean or Prophet Walter Masocha, yall be the judge of that one. I have all the evidence. And Agape is NOT getting these videos removed from You Tube. These videos are my videos, my property, recorded for public, and I am going to show them to the world. This one today is just the INTRODUCTION. Be blessed dear readers...

By the way Nino will be on BBC MERSEYSIDE on Sunday 14th December 8:45pm for his UK Album Premier of OH HOLY NIGHT. Its going to be EPIC join in and listen

So Nino wore leopard print the last time he was singing on BBC, and today I was in a leopardy mood in support of my baby, those who know me know I love love love anything with leopard print I cant get enough of it xxx

I shaved my hair off after leaving Agape, it was my way of mourning, a year later my hair has grown again, I love my Afro....

PS; I will be doing video recordings every Friday, these videos will be our own Freaky Friday shows, lol. Stay tuned for the next Freaky Friday Agape Video...

Monday, 8 December 2014

What I believe happened to Farai Chiriseri, why I blame Agape Church...

I write this post today from the bottom of my heart. I write this post today as a woman who at 20 years of age qualified as a mental health nurse. I write this post today as a woman whose very first patient was a young Ghananian woman who had burnt her two year old little boy to death. The boy had been so badly burnt he was recognised by dental records. My first job as a nurse was in a Secure Mental Hospital were people who have committed serious crimes as a result of an underlying mental illness are sectioned under the mental health act and receive treatment. 

For the sake of confidentiality, I will call my Ghananian patient, Anna. Anna was only about 23. She had just moved to UK from Ghana with her very much older English husband she had met in Ghana. He was well over 50. He met Anna in Ghana, and she was living in the rural areas in extreme poverty, no electricity, no running water, no much food, no suitable clothing etc. Anna then meets this older white men, she falls pregnant, and gives birth to a beautiful boy. Anna used to say the villagers in Ghana felt so jealous of her they started going to witchdoctors to bewitch her and cast a spell on her. Anna was now having so many problems in the village community because of jealousy, her  wealthy white boyfriend decides to bring her and their little boy to the UK. 

Upon arrival to the UK, Anna is a very young mother in a foreign land and struggles to cope with the culture shock. Her husband's family are very unkind to her because of the colour of her skin. Her husbands starts to emotionally abuse her, she has no friends, no family, Anna is just all alone with her baby boy everyday in the house. She misses Africa, the food, the vibrancy, the sunshine and everything beautiful Africa has to offer. Anna is very lonely and completely on her own, no support or help at all. She then falls into depression. Her husband takes no notice and continues to neglect her. 

Anna's depression developed into psychosis obviously. She is in a very dark place right now. Her husband doesn't understand the depth of her loneliness and pain. This is an African young woman lost in England, all on her own. She starts hearing voices. She starts seeing things. She smells fire. She believes the TV talks to her. She starts hearing voices in her head. She no longer sleeps at night because she is so tormented by the voices. 

One winter night Anna wakes up, the voices are tormenting her, she takes her 2 year old boy outside,  she lights a fire, a huge fire. She grabs her little boy and throws him in the fire. The boy was severely burnt he became a heap of ashes. She starts screaming, taking her clothes off, and as events unfolded Anna ends up in a secure mental hospital. 

As a 20 year old newly qualified nurse, I get my first job in this hospital. I also had my insecurities. I was very shy, had no confidence, didn't speak very much, and I was hurting, I had just got married, none of my in laws liked me, I mean they hated me rather and had turned the whole Zimbabwean community in Southport and Liverpool against me. I did not even have a single friend at this time, my only friend I had Felistas Mudzingwa had been taken by my in-laws and turned against me. I used to sit in the park alone and just cry. So starting a job as a mental health nurse was a big challenge to me, and very overwhelming. I was too young and I was also in a very dark place myself, very lonely and sad. 

But when I started work at this Secure Mental Health Hospital, I met Anna, and everything changed for me. She was a beautiful young woman, inside and out. I was drawn to her and she was drawn to me. I found myself understanding her, and she loved talking to me. To me she was not a mad woman who had burnt her son to death, to me she was Anna, a young African woman who had been put in this situation by the very person who was supposed to protect her, her husband. My manager made me Anna's named nurse, she became my very first patient. You see Anna was special, she was an excellent cook and introduced me to Ghananian food and without realising it, she became a ray of sunshine in my life rather, she made my work as a mental health nurse enjoyable and worthwhile. I didnt see evil in her at all, I saw her other side, her beauty within and her pain. She grieved for her son, she never meant to kill him. She was an ambitious young woman, she wanted to go to Collage and do a cooking course. I left the job and never heard from Anna again, but she will always have a special place in my heart. I think about her now and again. 

You see dear readers, I have sympathy for people with mental health problems, especially women. I understand them, and I have a big heart for such people. I understand that for a woman to be severly mentally unwell, something would have happened to lead to that. I was labelled mentally unwell by Agape For All Nations Ministries International. I was publicly diagnosed by Agape as a deranged woman who belonged in a mental institute. Thats why during a church service my own mother in law and sister in law Gertrude Musuka (The two women who were supposed to care for me and protect me) called an ambulance for me to be sectioned under the mental health act for telling them that they were abusing me. I want the world to now understand the mindset of this church, the spirit behind it and how it operates. 

Yesterday I was speaking to someone and I said I want Agape finished. I will do everything in my power to ensure this church is investigated and SHUT DOWN. I will never stop until Agape For All Nations Ministries International is no more. When I said that this person insinuated that only God could finish Agape not me and somehow made me feel I was taking the place of God. But people may not understand me, or why I feel so strongly about this. I may be just a woman, but I believe God still uses me. For me to say I want Agape finished is not taking the place of God, because God Himself has got nothing to do with Agape cult and He will help anyone who wants this evil cult finished. 

I told you about Anna because today she reminds me of Farai Chiriseri. This is a young woman in a foreign land who has just gone though a dramatic painful change in her life. Her husband leaves her under the instruction of a religious leader Walter Masocha. Her own in laws Joseph Chiriseri and his wife (who are also members of Agape) do everything in their power to get rid of Farai in the family. They encourage Tichakunda to abandon his family. Farai is left completely on her own, and watches another woman Caroline Chiwara takes over her husband. Farai is demonised by Walter Masocha and Agape church members. She obviously gets severely depressed, there is no help for her out there. You see if Farai had been in Africa things would have never got to this, she would have had family and community support, NO WOMAN RAISES CHILDREN ON HER OWN IN AFRICA. There is a support network that is so powerful, women even have upto two or three maids. But its very different in the United Kingdom. There are no maids in UK. No support. Your only support is normally your spouse. If they leave you, you are on your own, literally. And thats a very dark place to be. Depression when untreated leads to psychosis. Thats what happened with Anna who burnt her own son to death and thats exactly what happened to Farai who literally ripped out her son's heart out on Friday. Her own heart had been ripped apart by Tichakunda, his family and by Prophet Walter Masocha who contributed hugely to her marriage breakdown. 

Right now Agape are attacking Farai, calling her mad and an evil woman. But I don't see her that way. I don't condone what she did, but I see her as a woman who has tragically lost her beloved son. I believe Farai was a good mother, she loved her children, and tried her best as a single mother, but severe depression may have taken over her, had she received help earlier, her precious baby son would have been here today. 

My opinion still stands today, was it not for Agape For All Nations Ministries International I believe little Scott Chiriseri would still be here today. A lot of my readers have prophesied  that Agape will not see 2015. I hope and pray that this prophecy comes to pass, because enough is enough! Surely something has to be done to stop this church. Its too evil. Walter Masocha being charged with sexual offences is just not enough, he does far evil and worse crimes to humanity operating in his self ordained office as a prophet. If nursing homes and nurseries can be shut down because of abuse, why not churches? I have DVDs of Prophet Walter Masocha violently pushing women and CHILDREN to the floor during church services.  I went through hours of grueling exorcism restrained to the floor by male pastors Muchengeti Hove and Francis Aturia. I was tortured in Agape and I want this church shut down . Agape For All Nations Ministries International should not see 2015. Enough is enough! 

Saturday, 6 December 2014



  • 32 year old Zimbabwean mother Farai Chiriseri is being questioned by police after her 5 year old little boy was found with significant injuries and pronounced dead at scene yesterday morning.
  • Her 7 year old child was taken into care immediately
  • Several streets were cordoned off as officers were seen searching grass at flat in Scotland 
  • And shockingly at the heart of this tragedy is AGAPE FOR ALL NATIONS MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL
  • All members of Agape, including Prophet Masocha in Barnsley this weekend for a special "Thanksgiving" Conference as members donate money for the building of the Agape Temple of worship. 
  • Farai Chiriseri's husband Tichakunda had been given another woman Caroline Chiwara by Walter Masocha
My dear readers, as I break this tragic news to you, I want you all to know that Prophet Walter Masocha is at the centre of this tragedy, if not the cause of it rather, indirectly. I believe with all my heart that if it wasn't for Walter Masocha this little boy would be alive today. I know it sounds extreme, but please bear with me. I have walked this dark road so I know what I am talking about. This is exactly what I have been trying to tell the world for the past year on my blog, that Walter Masocha's abuse is life threatening, if I wasn't a strong woman, what that man did to me would have driven me to suicide, its as simple as that. There were times I thought life was not worth living, I remember one night at around 2am sitting on my stairs just weeping not knowing how I was going to make it to  the morning, my nights were literally that lonely and dark. Now its not not normal for a mother to stab her beloved son, that poor woman must have been in a very dark and lonely place to do that. I personally think this church should be literally  "shut down"  because it preys on vulnerable people and all it does is destroy lives. 

A forensics team seen entering the flat in Alva, yesterday after the death of the little boy. 

Today a poor young mother Farai Chiriseri, whose marriage was broken by Walter Masocha is in  police custody at Alva, Scotland being questioned after her little boy was found stabbed to death. My heart bleeds for this woman. I know what it means to be lost, and cry yourself to sleep when when your family has been torn apart, but I had to find strength in me, I never resorted to what she has done which is terrible and cant be justified. However I have a lot of sympathy for Farai because I think her and I were in the exact same situation, but I just happened to be stronger inside. 

What the world needs to know is its very common in Agape for men to abandon and leave their young wives alone with children to follow "God" in Agape, or rather "THE GOD OF AGAPE" as they call him. If anything Walter Masocha specialises in this, I believe that's his primary calling, BREAKING FAMILIES. He has no mercy on anyone who refuses to go to Agape For All Nations Ministries Intentional. He will tell the husband whose wife refuses to attend church that they are "demon possessed" and should be divorced with immediate effect. He will then find new wife for the brainwashed husband, half the time its when the ink hasn't even dried off on the divorce papers. Walter Masocha even lies to members about who is a virgin and who is not, as he arranges marriages, for example he even lied to church members that his son in law Geoffrey Chihuri was a virgin yet he was already a father to a beautiful mixed race baby with a lovely woman in Dundee before Walter Masocha snatched him and gave him to step daughter Sandra Masocha. 

Now dear readers, I want you to know that this young mother Farai was happily married to her husband Tichakunda Chiriseri before they started going to Agape For All Nations Ministries International. "Jean, this is very serious, can you believe this couple was happily married before they started going to Agape. It was the husband's brother Joseph Chiriseri who introduced the couple to Masocha and in no time the marriage collapsed", one of my close sources told me yesterday. Tichakunda Chiriseri, under the guidance and instruction of Walter Masocha left his young wife Farai after he was told she was demon possessed and committed  himself fully to Agape Church. It makes me sick and angry, because the exact same thing happened to me. Chiriseri was then arranged Attache Caroline Chiwara by Walter Masocha. He would drive to church conferences with Caroline Chiwara, leaving Farai at home alone with the children. This must have drove the poor mother to this drastic measures knowing her husband had been given another woman by Walter Masocha.  

And the plot thickens...

Now when you think surely it cant get worse than this, a child has just died here, in a horrific way on top of that, Agape continues Church as if everything is normal. They have not even raised an eyebrow to this tragedy. The father of the deceased child Tichakunda Chiriseri is a full active member of Agape Church in Stirling branch, where Walter Masocha lives in his mansion. The shocking thing is today, this morning as I write this shocking story, not even one member of Stirling branch is with the father consoling him over the death of his son. All members of Agape Stirling, yesterday after hearing the news, headed off to Bansley for a Thanksgiving Conference! WTF! Excuse my language but am in shock here, literally. Sorry, I have to stop typing for a minute and shake my head with my eyes and mouth wide open in disbelief. Why on earth is this circus of a church called Agape? Agape means the unconditional love of God! Oh the irony of it all! 

Lets put God aside for a minute here. Lets forget Church for a second here okay. What is the basic thing human beings do when their loved one loses someone, they comfort and console them right, duh. I mean its just basic human functioning inst it, you don't even need to be a vicar to do this? Even heathens do that! But not Agape! They are definitely from another planet that lot! Walter Masocha is in Bansley right now "hosting" the Thanksgiving Conference. Honestly. And for those who dont know, Thanksgiving Conference is about members giving money to the church, yep that's what the conference is about literally, (members are named and shamed if they haven't given enough money). Finance books are taken out (literally) at the conference and names and contributions read out. It is shameful really. I remember at one conference where we were told by our Elder to not pay mortgages or rent but to give the money to church because God would honour our sacrifices and give us the money back. 

Right now every Agape member is in Bansley, and Walter Masocha who is supposed to have stepped down from ministry pending court case is hosting this shameful conference. The father of the child in this tragedy is on his own right now in his house in Scotland, as members have left him to go to a Conference in Doncaster!  How low can a church be? Do these people not have hearts at all? I guess not. Shame on you Agape For All Nations Ministries International! Yesterday,one of the Agape Scotland Pastors, Simba Chapisa even reportedly said that, "Church must go on, we all need to be Barnsley this weekend!"  Shame on you Agape!

I will be bringing you more news live on my blog as the police investigations unfold and continue. This church has too much blood on its hands. Remember Cathy Chigavazira, a lady who collapsed and died earlier this year on the pulpit in an Agape church service after Walter Masocha advised the woman to discharge herself from hospital and to stop taking medication. Peoples lives are at stake in this church, this church needs to be investigated and shut down. May the soul of the precious child rest in peace and I urge readers to pray for this family.

The rot of Agape....

Just a few weeks ago church member Martha Zumba was in a church service when people started falling down violently as usual, pretending to be "in the Holy Spirit". One member fell violently on Martha Zumba hurting her leg, Martha started to scream in pain as her leg started to swell. She was then threatened by Agape Pastors (who are all professionals) including Edna Mutoti Guvheya who is a nurse that if she dared tell anyone about this incident the God of Agape would "sort her out" .She was told if this story got out Agape would get her deported back to Zimbabwe, despite Walter Masocha's bodyguard Thuthukile Khumalo being an asylum seeker in the UK yet he jumps the boarder illegally every year into Zimbabwe to carry out "Agape church duties". Anyway back to Martha, after being threatened with deportation she was then carried by the pastors and locked in the toilet as her crying was distracting the church service. Her crying continued for a good while thats when Church Administrator Ian McHardy who is a medical doctor in Scotland decided it was now time to call the ambulance for Martha perhaps. Poor frightened Martha was then taken by paramedics to hospital on her own where she was admitted and stayed in several days as her leg was badly hurt. Not one member of Agape even bothered to go with her to hospital let alone visit her or even phone her. After she was discharged from hospital not one member of Agape even called her to check on her, and up to today she has never heard from Agape.  If this doesn't shock the world about Agape, I don't know what will. 

Sunday, 30 November 2014


ld hiwas closed because of lack of evidence, Dr Walter Masocha is to stand before Alloa Sheriff Court in  Scotland on 30 December 2014. 
  • Witnesses (who are quite a few including minors) are not required to attend on this date but may be called during the trial. 
  • If Prophet Masocha pleads guilty he may be sentenced straight away. 
  • If Prophet Masocha pleads not guilty, the trial is set to begin in January 2015. 
Dear readers, its been a long long road, but we are now reaching a closure to this saga that nearly destroyed my life. When I started this blog in October 2013, I was alone in a refugee, lonely and crying in the middle of the night. I had lost everything, well nearly. Gertrude Musuka Mburayi and her mother had called an ambulance on me in front of the whole church. They wounded me.  They said I was mental. They said I was an unfit mother. It hurt even more that the man I thought was my prophet and spiritual father was the one who orchestrated this cruelty and public humiliation for a reason that will probably never be known unto me. 

I saw Gertrude and her mother five days ago by the way, they said hello to me can you imagine, (sigh) I just couldn't believe it. Some people have the nerve right. Over a year ago they wanted me locked up in a mental institute, but hey today I am not that chained up little girl I used to be. Today I am representing Zimbabwe at an Intentional Beauty Pageant. Thats who I am. 

I am not that old Jean they knew when they phoned the ambulance. They made me homeless alright, they broke my heart, they tarnished my image all over the internet, they threw me in the mud, but like Maya Angelou said, STILL LIKE DUST I RISE. 

They wrote me down in history
With their bitter twisted lies
They trodded me in the very dirt
But still like dust I rise

Yes I have picked myself up, I have risen up, and when Gertrude looked at me on Wednesday, she couldn't believe the woman I was. Did I ever tell you dear readers, that I used to choose Gertrude's clothes and send them to Zimbabwe before she came here. Did I ever tell you dear readers, that when she came here I bought her trainers and clothes. Did I ever tell you dear readers, that I threw her a surprise birthday party when I was a 19 year old teenager, and the only party she's ever had to date. Did I ever tell you dear readers, that I loved her like a sister, and all I ever wanted was for her to love me back. I babysat for her, I cooked for her, I did everything in my power as a sister in law to her. But as I stand today, she and her mother and Patience Musuka are the three women that nearly destroyed my life, and would have thrown salt to my body had they seen a lion attacking me. It felt good to see her last week,God surely prepares a table before you, in the presence of thine enemies, I never thought would live to see the day,  because I have risen above what she never thought I could and in exactly 30 days today, her Daddy Walter Masocha will stand in court charged with a number of sexual offences. 

Well in other news I went shopping today, and I looked something like this...

But when I met Gertude and her mother, I was something like this...
Lol I know am loving my fur hat and pink feather earnings this winter, oh but fur is so in season and trending, a must have for any fashion lover...

And in other "other" news (shy), may I introduce to you my Boaz. His name my dear readers is NINO, and he's an Ghananian Opera singer. I am proud to say he was the first Ghananian singer to ever appear on the BBC. He is very special with a unique talent and he blew everyone away with his performance at the BEFFTA awards. I wont say a lot at this stage but all I know is he understands me and  he makes me laugh, thats all that matters to me right now. He came into my life when I never thought I would ever find love again, and he made me believe in myself again. Unotoona vachinyora pama blog avo kuti ndiani angade mukadzi akadai otoshaya kuti zvirikumbofamba sei,  lol.  Anyway back to Nino, so we are working on so many projects together, (which is exciting) and I am truly blessed to have him in my life. His new CD touches my heart, and would love all my readers to get a copy for Christmas! You will not stop listening to it.  To order your copy contact me and will deliver to you before Christmas!

Friday, 5 September 2014

The Last Blog Post

Dear readers of He Was My Daddy.

I started this blog in a women's refuge on a cold lonely winter night of 2013.  Hurt, confused, emotional and not knowing where to turn to, I did the only thing that I had always known to help me, express myself through writing. I didn't know where it would take me, I was just writing to help myself more than anything. I needed to let all my pain out.

Well, our steps are ordered by the Most High. When I look back this blog was ordered by Him in order to destroy the prophet of Baal and set many captives free who had been tormented by a religious institution designed to kill, steal and destroy the lives of many vulnerable adults in the UK and around the world. I had no idea what the blog would unveil. It went to America, Zimbabwe, Canada, Uganda, Australia, Zambia, South Africa and many other countries. This blog became a journey not only for me, but for many women and men who became a part of it. It made me cry, it made me laugh, it made me angry, it made me smile, it terrified me, it gave me joy.  It made me go through every emotion under the sun. It was a process that led to my healing, letting go off the pain, and being able to finally know and feel that I have truly forgiven.

CNN Hero Muzvare Betty Makoni told me never to shut the blog down. She said its my memoir and a reminder of what God did through this blog. The police used it as part of their investigations, and it will be part of the evidence to be used in the upcoming trial.  My friends asked me not to take the blog down, but rather leave it as a memorial of the power of God.  I have a lot of beautiful memories here, I met so many lovely women of courage. This blog took me places I never thought I would go. It took me to high places and it took it took me to the depths of the pit. Sometimes I regretted ever starting it, sometimes I felt liberated that I did.

The Victim No More Event on 1 March 2013 marked a new beginning for me. A lot of people echoed the same message to me, "you have done your part, now be still and let God finish the race for you".
I knew in my heart what I had to do. The blog had done its part, God had used it, but now He wanted me to move on to the next stage.

I took some time off, I focused on my family, my mother came all the way from Zimbabwe to comfort me. I moved to a new town. I spent time decorating my new house, baking a lot of cakes lol, even enjoying our pet rabbit lol, and just watching the horses and the water view in front of my house.  All that had a healing aspect on me and in the process of time the Most High led me to a beautiful family of believers where I was baptized and got to know the real God in the most amazing way. I am a new creature in Christ.

Its a new beginning for me. I am so grateful for all the people who supported and prayed for me on this blog. Your prayers sailed me through Key Board Warriors lol. You were awesome. But its time to move on. I will no longer post on this blog but will leave it as a memorial for justice.  The Member of Parliament for Milton Keynes recently called me after he read this blog. He encouraged me as I shared with him where the Lord was taking me and my plans for the future. So I know this blog is a memorial for survivors of spiritual and emotional abuse at the hands of Church leaders.

My new website is .

Once again I want to thank everyone who believed me, supported me and said prayers for me. You all helped me in my journey. For the last time I say HE WAS MY DADDY, but not anymore. I am free now, a Victim No More!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Agape member who wrote a Facebook post wishing me dead falls to her death during Church service in Scotland

Former Archishop Walter Masocha is reported to have instructed single mother Cathy Chigavazira to discharge herself from hospital and and refrain from any medical form of treatment in order to get her healing in Agape. Cathy is reported to have given this shocking testimony herself  exactly a week before her death at a women's conference last week. In a shocking twist the church has learnt that in the meantime the Prophetess of Agape Judith Masocha is in Nigeria at an undisclosed location for unknown reasons to the church.  There is much speculation among former members and Agape members that the Prophetess' mysterious trip to Nigeria may be linked to the recent allegations of evil and satanism in the church and heavy fear has fallen on many people being affected by Agape.

Agape's moto is to reach out to the world with the unconditional love of God with the aim of comforting the hurting and healing the broken hearted.  However on 5 February 2014 committed church goer and Board member Yvonne Gayakaya posted a Facebook post expressing her joy and great pleasure at the pain and torture I have gone through inflicted by Agape. She openly mocked me that I had no husband, money or home anymore and all I do is blog.  It was on that Facebook post that Cathy Chigavazira  posted a very disturbing reply and openly prophesied what seemed to be my death where I would fall down with a heavy thud and how great my fall would be. 

In much sadness and shock I have learnt that yesterday during a church service in Scotland Cathy fell to her death after she had been told by former Archbishop Walter Masocha to discharge herself from hospital and expect her healing in church.  Cathy testified at the Women's Conference last weekend how the police followed her home after she self discharged and persuaded her to go back into hospital for treatment. A determined Cathy testified she told the police that her Daddy Walter Masocha had told her to leave hospital and come to Church.  She said the god of Walter Masocha was healing her.

It got more shocking after Cathy's sudden death as a text message with a cold and unloving tone was passed around to church members which appeared to trivialise Cathy's sudden horrific death and the message said Cathy had been "promoted to glory".

The lack of empathy by Agape to the sudden death of the mother of one was truly the final nail to the coffin to the spirit behind Agape. Cathy was the woman who was behind the Agape merchandise. She was the woman behind the Agape brand. She designed every T-shirt, every overall and all the stationery and products of Agape.  The text message of her death by Agape Officials was something never seen before as there was no sign of mourning or loss. All the text said was Cathy had been promoted to glory.  We know it is biblical and Christian to mourn the death of others. Believers cried when Dorcas died in Acts. Even Jesus wept at the death of Lazarous. Death is never meant to be trivialised especially one so tragic and sudden.  Agape's cold response to Cathy's death has left the world in shock and they have refused to give a statement to the press despite the former Archbishop Walter Masocha being at the centre and others arguing that he's the cause of Cathy Chigavazira's death.  

I personally am deeply shocked and saddened by Cathy's sudden death. I have never heard of a person falling to their death whist about to give a testimony during a church service.   I do not wish death on anyone, even my worst enemies.  The Bible clearly warns us not to wish anyone dead and that we should love our enemies and do good to those who curse us.

I am reminded of Haman and Modecai. The gallows Modecai was meant to be hung on by Haman ended up bring Haman's own death sentence. I personally have received numerous death wishes and worse from Agape church members. But I still do not wish those people to die. I believe its not for us to prophesy the death of another mortal.  

 Much speculation and allegations of repeated behaviour of the former Archbishop Walter Masocha instructing church members to stop taking medication and expect healing from God has now started to surface.  A few weeks ago I received a message from a teenager who said her mother nearly died after falling ill at a church conference in Agape and the former Archbishop prayed and advised against calling an ambulance.  The woman was then later taken to hospital against the Archbishop's advice and was lucky to survive. I find it ironic how Agape is quick to call 999 for an ambulance on so called mental people yet those really needed urgent medical treatment are refused medical care. 

I believe Cathy's death could have been avoided had she not been advised to leave hospital by her Daddy who is meant to have officially resigned from pastoral duties.  May Cathy's soul rest in peace. I personally knew Cathy and I pray her biological family is comforted and get answers from Walter Masocha as to why he told her to discharge herself from hospital. 

Below is the Facebook post by Yvonne Gayakaya commented by Cathy.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Its International Women's Day!

And my voice is going to be heard, at last...

So the countdown has finally begun! The day is drawing nigh. Its only a few days to our International Women's Day Victim No More event! Jean is excited okay! A little nervous of course, but I feel empowered and ready for this day. When Muzvare Betty Makoni told me about this day last year in October, I was like no way. I was kinda used to false promises you see and I had little faith, and boy I never thought she would actually do an event to support me. Me. Jean Gasho. It sounded too good to be true. But hey its really happening, Muzvare Betty is a woman of her word indeed. She is passionate about her work and I could never ask for a better mentor.  

Muzvare Betty Makoni

I have been kinda busy preparing for 1 March, please forgive me for the silence, but I thought my readers the keyboard warriors would like to hear from me. I thank God for the blog secretary Debbie Mackenzie who is now mostly in charge of this blog. She is God sent and I thank God for all her hard work. So back to 1 March, its International Women's Day launch. A day to celebrate women. International women's day has been running since 1911, and each year there is a theme. The theme for 2014 is inspiring change, celebrating social, political and economic achievements of women whilst focusing world attention on areas requiring further change. I feel honored as a woman to play a small part on this special time of the year. If my speaking out about Church abuse saved one little girl or just one woman from going through what I went through in the hands of Pastors and a Church leader, then I feel my purpose was achieved. I want to inspire change. I am going to speak with such a voice on the 1st of March that even a woman in the remotest part of Africa will hear that there is a woman called Jean somewhere in this world who said NO to Church abuse. God will perfect that which He started. This day is not just about me, its for every woman who has suffered in the hands of any so called Man of God. Its time for change! 

Lets talk 1 March Fashion, shall we! 

Okay so I am kinda like a fashion freak. Fashion and style is at the heart of who we are as women. Fashion identifies us with our passions, and I sure wanted to bring this spirit into the 1 March event. When Muzvare Betty asked me what my favourite colour was, I visualised the event. Orange is not just my favorite color, orange is me. It defines me. I don't know why I love this color, but I have always been drawn to it ever since I was a child. Orange is colour of passion, even my living room is orange. I also  happen to wear a lot of orange. Muzvare Betty keeps talking about the venue for 1 March being a place of healing and moving on. Orange is actually one of the primary healing colors. Orange is optimistic. With its enthusiasm for life, the color orange relates to adventure, risk taking, inspiring physical confidence, competition and independence. Those inspired by orange are always on the go. Its a color that aids the assimilation of new ideas and frees the spirit of its limitations, giving us the freedom to be ourselves. What am I saying, for me orange is the ultimate fashion accessory. Just wearing this vibrant bold color is stimulating to me both mentally and physically. I am having my dress tailor made for 1 March, I want my designer to bring out the ultimate orange in me! For that reason the theme colors for this event are orange, brown and black. I hope we will all be rocking our orange swagga on 1 March in Essex. Brown is for the strong woman of color, and black is for black beauty and elegance, but the main color remains vibrant orange. 

 Some ideas on how to rock orange on 1 March...
 Orange always looks radiant on brown skin, here is one of my favorite natural icons Lira at the BET awards in tangerine orange...
 Some simple yet sophisticated orange designs  from Johari Designs
And don't we just love Jennifer Hudson especially in orange...
In Agape I was well known for wearing orange, I guess that was always the fighter in me...

Its International Women's Day, ladies lets wear orange for positive change! Oh and men are very welcome to the event too, they may not wanna wear orange, but black or brown would look good and complement the bright orange! Its an event for empowering women to say no to church abuse but men are also needed as the fear and stigma of spiritual and sexual abuse is instilled in women by men who have no awareness of spiritual related sexual abuse.  Its time for change for both men and women! 

The book signing

Its been pretty amazing. I am an author in my own right at last. I will be officially launching and signing my book Napolia on 1 March. Its taken me this long and for this reason this is my empowerment as a woman at its best. Signing my book on International Womens Day Launch. When you realize the sky is the limit and no man can ever take away the gift that is in you, not even a man of God, then you could not be more empowered as a woman. What God has blessed no man can curse. I launched my official website last week  and  the book is now on Amazon and God is doing amazing things indeed. 

The Interview of the week

So Muzvare Betty Makoni interviewed a number of women in preparation for 1 March and I happened to be one of them. The interview is now available on Nehanda Radio please listen t it and be inspired. I couldn't believe it when I listened to the interview myself, some really mind boggling truths about the severity of church abuse in Agape. 

So dear readers, keyboard warriors, this is how far we have come, I hope to see you all on 1 March, its going to be a day like no other, come and be inspired. My family is also going to be there, and my dearest friends who have stood by me through these trying times will be supporting me. I am Jean, and I am a VICTIM NO MORE, till I see you on 1 March! Be blessed. 

One of my fashion inspirations for 1 March, this is not just a day for healing, its a day to rise up as confident stylish women of color....we are beautiful 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

From the blog Secretary: Debbie Mackenzie

Having been reading BOTH blogs, ‘He is still my dad’ and this one, but I am a supporter of the victims of Agape (AFANMI) and will fight till the end for justice.  I have written this to show the difference between the two blogs and the dirty tactics of the ‘others’.  So let’s see….
Taking that the ‘church’ is basically called Agape, I want to remind you what it actually means:
AGAPE = Definition: Agape is selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love, the highest of the four types of love in the Bible.
This Greek word and variations of it are found throughout the New Testament. Agape perfectly describes the kind of love Jesus Christ has for his followers:
Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them. (John 14:21, NIV)
AS FOLLOWERS OF JESUS CHRIST (I assume), we are called to love our enemy; forgive our brothers/sisters - these are very difficult to do when people become hurt through sharp, careless words, unthinking actions, and abuse, yet we are able to turn to Jesus time and again for forgiveness in this time of grace. We also need to learn to forgive those that have hurt us, so that we can move forward in life, however,  forgiving does not mean that we lie down and accept abuse towards up in any manner.  We are able to pursue justice for wrong doing, forgiveness is totally separate, as there are laws we need to abide both biblical and of the land.  The Lord teaches we are to follow the laws of the land. (1 Peter 2:13-17)
The whole saga of Jean vs cheaters in Agape; the other blog vs Jean has become a witch hunt of who did this and that, many are being hurt, but it has also enabled to give a voice to all concerned.  It is time to start to turn away from the personal vendettas but to seek the truth behind the abuse that has taken place.  This abuse is: Sexual, Financial, Bullying, Lying, Cutting off families and silence of many whom knows the real story. (This is just the tip of the iceberg!)
The other blog is determined to expose Jean’s past life is not only degrading, but it show how low morally they are using personal information to get back at her, and her family. They would disagree here by claiming that they are only exposing the truth; but, isn’t it true we all have something in our past we are not proud of, where we have done wrong?  As far as the ambulance story….there is always differing views on any event that takes place.  People will recall the scenario as they view it from which side of the fence they are sitting.  There is always a right and a wrong and where there are many people they will each give their own account of what happened, sometimes people have their own agenda and fear to tell the truth for fear of being an outcaste from where they want acceptance. These situations are complicated; however, having witnessed a similar event in Liverpool (Satellite), I can honestly say the event did happen the way Jean has told us on her blog.
As far as the sexual abuse visited in these blogs.... just because a person has been abused previously in their life, it does not mean that it won’t happen again. In fact, it is more likely to happen again as people tend to put themselves into similar situations ( this does not make them a liar, or someone who makes it up.  We can only surmise, as we were not involved at the actual happening of the abuse; hence we take a side.  Again, many factors need to be reviewed: has the accused, Dr Masocha done this before?  This must have happened as according to the charges, two people have reported sexual abuse. A woman, who we presume to be Jean, and a minor, who cannot be named for legal reasons.  Also, others are saying they too have been abused by the accused, Dr. Masocha.  So it has to be something much bigger than we can see, we again can surmise that people are just saying this, or that as you have implied Jean is posting anonymously, or maybe there is truth in these cries. I would say that there have been others, many are afraid to speak out, many are blaming themselves, all because of who the accused is and how he used his position to manipulate and take advantage of vulnerable people, including children. 
Having been abused myself, there have been posts of how an abused person should be smiling and posing.  How does an abused person look? Have they got a tattoo on them saying ‘I am abused’ – or do they put on a mask and hide what they truly feel inside? For me, I blocked it out for many years, and then it came back and I had to deal with it.  So, don’t judge a person by what you see, because you do not know the inner turmoil of hurt and pain.
The other blog, He is still my dad, has been talking about a book Jean wrote they call it the ‘300 book’ – firstly, this book was written and given to Dr. Masocha and ONLY him, even though they say differently.  It was written and given to in confidence to Dr.Masocha so he counsel and give spiritual guidance to Jean to bring healing from her past. It was NEVER MEANT FOR OTHERS to read or use against the person who wrote it.  Most of us, if not all have personal secrets, some worse than others –many people use the art of writing to express their troubling events to see them clearly. Jean did this and gave it to a leader of a church (Agape) to help with healing and prayer in the strictest confidence.  I shudder that this confidence has been broken; I ask who can one trust, especially if it is someone who says they are of God?  So, from the way that the other blog is using this personal information given to Dr Masocha, I ask…… The self-proclaimed ‘man of God’ has broken trust and confidence with one of his flock.  If he can do it once, who says he doesn’t always do it?
On the blog, ‘He is still my dad’, they say they are ‘Children of Agape’, if this is true, they do not understand the meaning of the word Agape.  Within Agape we were taught, ‘Agape is love, unconditional love’ – seems it is only for those within that church,  as when you leave, immediately you are called demonic, evil, dangerous and those in Agape are told to cut all ties – strangely, this is even to family members, husbands and wives who do not want to be in that church.  I can already see the comments how this is not true…. Let me tell you IT IS TRUE, IT HAPPENED TO US.
Our Mission now is to expose the truth, not through back stabbing comments/posts, but by going step by step through the teachings of Agape, to show how we have been groomed, manipulated and brainwashed, so much so that we believed we were true Christians.  We will be exploring:
·         Dr.Masocha’s qualification to start and lead a church - where he worshiped before starting his own church.
·         The Vision of Agape – how it was born, the contradictions within it
·         The Dr.Masocha’s teaching in: Threshing Floor (both editions); Dynamics; finance
·         Financial records
·         Surgeries: the dark secrets of these meetings
·         Leadership
·         Conferences: Men’s; women’s; youth; couples, family and others
·         Prayer retreats and Missions: what really happened?
·         Other topics that arise.
I leave you with these words:
Ezekiel 34:4: "You have not strengthened the weak or healed the sick or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or searched for the lost. You have ruled them harshly and brutally."
Ron Henzel writing about Battered Sheep explains the above verse: This was a terrible indictment against the prophets, priests and governing officials of Israel in Ezekiel's day. It was their job to strengthen the spiritually weak, heal the spiritually sick, and bind up the spiritually injured. It was their job to bring back the strays and search for the lost.

Sound familiar?
Former Agape Attaches Debbie and husband Arthur Mackenzie

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Something that encouraged me, a report by the Afro News...

Read the report by Stephen Ogongo Ogong'a here 
Jean Gasho says nothing will stop her from telling the truth about the sexual assault and many life threatening emotional abuses she experienced at Agape for All Nations Ministries International Church
A young UK-based Zimbabwean woman is determined to fight for justice after being “cruelly abused by a religious man who controlled” her.
Jean Gasho says she was “abused, betrayed and humiliated” by Pastor Walter Masocha, the founder and leader of the Agape for All Nations Ministries International Church.

Her courage to talk about the sexual assault and many life threatening emotional abuses she experienced with Dr. Masocha, has caused her so much trouble.

The church members, especially women refer to Dr. Masocha as “Daddy”. “I struggled initially to call him Daddy but he kept calling me his beloved daughter, and in the end I could not stop calling him Daddy and I even saw him as a father figure in my life, more important than my own biological father,” Jean says.

Jean Gasho urges women to develop courage and speak up and report abuses in church
She is still unable to understand how a man of God, a man she trusted to an extent of calling him “Daddy”, ended up ruining her life and family.

Pastor Masocha, who is also originally from Zimbabwe, was recently arrested and is currently facing two charges of sexual assault – one on a child and one on an adult.

He was Jean’s spiritual father for about two years, until last year. “During those two years I watched the man I had trusted as my father slowly turn me against my husband and manipulate me in ways that were so cruel and almost inhuman. I used to confide in him and shared all my weaknesses with him, as he said I was supposed to tell him everything. He then started using the information I shared with him against me,” Jean says.

The pastor, Jean says, put her in the spotlight in the church. She was actively involved in various activities including drama, magazine and artwork for the ministry. “This caused a lot of the women in the church to resent me and bully me, yet Dr. Masocha never supported me or shielded me from the bullying,” Jean says.

She was later on surprised to find out that Dr. Masocha “was even behind the bullying.”

Dr. Masocha “orchestrated an ambulance being called in the middle of a church service to section me under the mental health act,” Jean says. “He also planned to have my children taken away from me. As if this wasn’t enough, during prayer surgeries he used to extend his hands and touch me on places that are only meant for a husband to touch his wife. I felt violated and would even come home and tell my husband, but my husband would say the Archbishop was a prophet and he knew what he was doing.”

Jean Gasho appeals to men to stand with their wives and daughters and not to blame them for being abused
Asked what made her rebel and break the silence on these abuses, Jean says: “Just before the ambulance incident, my eyes were starting to open and I saw the deception in the church, especially among the pastors. There was so much bullying and every Sunday I dreaded going to church.”

Jean’s husband however, never listened to her fears. Whenever she refused to go to church, her husband called her “demonic” and even reported her to Dr. Masocha.

“My marriage was so strained by the church, emotionally and financially, and Dr. Masocha was doing nothing to help us. I got to a point where I couldn’t do it anymore, for sanity’s sake,” Jean says. “My husband was becoming more and more abusive, and everything he was doing he said he was being instructed by Daddy. I started to see that slowly it was Daddy who was destroying my life.”

Jean says she was also “humiliated and labelled mental in front of the whole church” by her sister in law who is a pastor in the same church.

The church’s attempt to section Jean under the mental health act failed because the medical staff saw there was nothing wrong with her. “The backlash from the church was unbelievable as they were outraged that I was not sectioned. I was then badly beaten by my husband who was also outraged that I was not sectioned,” Jean says.

At that stage she decided to flee her matrimonial home and sought safety in a women’s Refuge. “In the Refuge I had lost everything and I felt I had nothing to lose. I had reported the sexual abuse to the police and I felt nothing was being done to bring Dr. Masocha to justice. Without a voice and in despair, I started a blog and started writing my own online diary of my horrendous experiences in Agape. The blog created a huge public interest for some reason, and victims of Dr. Masocha started speaking out.”

Jean’s decision to speak out about her bad experience in the church marked the end of her marriage. “My husband chose to side with his mother and sisters and Dr. Masocha, and he forsook me and his children. As I speak today, he is busy preparing to testify against me in court in support of Dr. Masocha. It’s been a very painful experience for me,” she says.

Jean admits that her experience at Agape seriously affected her faith. “I am human I won’t lie. I felt confused especially about the very nature of God. At one point I believed Dr. Masocha was a real man of God, then the next minute I could not see God in him. I struggled with that, and even still do to some extent,” Jean says. “I am now very sceptical of churches and men of God, but I have fought within myself to keep my faith. My daughter once asked me why God had allowed what happened to us to happen if He was a God of love. I didn’t know how to answer her, but I could only say maybe one day it will all make sense, if we continue to trust in the Lord. In all this I have learnt that bad things happen to people, even though we may not understand why. I still love the Lord, and it’s my faith that keeps me going.”

Jean Gasho says Pastor Walter Masocha used to extend his hands and touch her on places that are only meant for a husband to touch his wife
Jean is disappointed with the way other church members, especially women reacted when she broke the silence on the abuses. “The Church members especially women are among my worst enemies. They called me all sorts of names and even started their own blog in which they defamed me beyond measure. I have received death threats and continue to receive nasty anonymous letters from members of Agape,” she says.

Apart from her faith, Jean says her three children also keep her going. “I have to overcome for them. I also have a lot of support from the public and I draw a lot of strength from people who believe my story. Some people also email me and share their similar testimonies of abuse in Agape. When I realise that this is not only about me, but hundreds of other victims out there who are afraid to speak out, I find courage to do it for them,” she says.

Jean, who confirms that she has reported Dr. Masocha to the police and relevant authorities, believes that one day justice will take its course. “It may not happen overnight, but I have learnt that speaking out is the first step towards achieving justice, and I will never stop speaking out.”

Asked to react to the news of Dr. Masocha’s arrest and sexual offence charges, Jean says more victims will come forward. “I feel a sense of relief within my spirit, but I know it’s going to be a long road,” she says.

Jean’s advice to women and girls who face abuses in the church is: “Have the courage to speak out. Find someone you trust to confide in, someone who is not a member of the church. Many women make the mistake of confiding in church members, who will in turn label them mental and demonic. This happened a lot in Agape and victims are left off worse than if they had not spoken out. The key is to know who to speak to.”

She says she was lucky to have Muzvare Betty Makoni, the Founder of The Girl Child Network, as “a shoulder to cry on,” adding that Ms. Makoni took her “under her wings with care and compassion.”

Jean also advices women and girls who face abuses in the church to speak to their local GPs. “A lot of women also fear their husbands will disown them if they open up about abuse, especially within the African culture. I would like to encourage men to stand with their wives and daughters and not to blame them for being abused,” she says.