DISCLAIMER. I would like to thank the newspapers that have covered the Walter Masocha story as they have helped raise awareness of abuse happening in some churches which has been going unreported. However, I have not given any national newspapers the right to waiver my anonymity as a victim of Walter Masocha. This is a personal blog and its within my legal rights to express myself here. According to the law my identity is protected in the media. At this stage, I do not wish to be named in any Scottish or English National Papers. Any newspapers that will name me/ or have already done so have done this without my permission or consent. Any newspapers which have published my picture have done so without my consent. I do not wish to have my pictures published in any Scottish or English newspapers. I ask the media , which I greatly respect for their support in this case in covering the story to respect my right to anonymity as a victim and not name me in any newspapers unless I sign a consent form and agree to do so. I am not ready to be named and I want to use the protection I am granted by law at this time. Thank you.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Sunday, 19 June 2016


This is how far I have come. The Lord has blessed me with the fruit of the womb. My children are the best thing that has ever happened to me. So when my ex husband decided to fight me to take my babies away, the lioness in me came out. I had no mercy on him, I massacred him. It was the survival of the fittest.  Had I lost my children, I would not have had any reason to carry on. But I fought him and shredded him to bits so much that he left the court room with his tail in-between his legs. His mother and sisters too, they left the courtroom undressed like plucked chickens. They came in masses thinking they would beat me with numbers, I fought them alone and won the battle. No one messes with MY children, no one. 

He chose Masocha over his own children. Its not a secret. Even in court he testified that his alliance is with the famous paedophile.  Like Esau he gave up his own inheritance for another man. Its like a horror movie right, too absurd to be true. I laugh sometimes though. It is funny sad.  How funny is it that the man he gave his children up for kept his step daughters. Well the bible says blessed is the man that has a quiver full of children. The fruit of the womb is a reward. The Lord God has taken the inheritance of my ex husband and given it to another man,  my Boaz, Nino. 

My children can testify that the inheritance and the birthright now belongs to Nino. They have moved on from the family that once tried to destroy them. They can all testify with their own mouths that my ex husband is no longer their father.  He is no longer their daddy. My 12 year old daughter started planning fathers day in March, thats how excited she was. To her, Nino is the man she recognises today as her father. Nino is the man who has her best interest at heart. He is the one who protects her. To my daughter, a father is a man who does not neglect her and put her in danger. A father is a man who doesn't choose another man over her. Her father is Nino. And she made a beautiful card to show it.

The boys absolutely adores Nino too. He is always there to teach and play football with them. He is there to fix their bikes when they break. He takes them to school. Does homework with them. He is the one who cuts their hair and gives the coolest hair styles. He even teaches them how to walk like "cool dudes". He taught them that when you walk, people should look at you and know that you are  a somebody, don't just walk like a nobody. Its so hilarious how the boys are learning to walk like cool dudes, that's the advantage of having a young dad I suppose.  He is truly their daddy. And the coolest one too. Happy Fathers Day Nino. 

The inheritance now belongs to Nino

He is now her Daddy

In Other News

I hope you like my Just Jean blazer. I absolutely love it and so does my clients. I have to say I have put on a bit of weight as you guys can tell. Honesty I think its because I'm really happy inside. I always used to like being skinny because I thought that was beauty and I never saw myself being curvy. But I have to say I love this body. I still work out as you can tell from my physic, but I'm now embracing my African black woman body. Nino loves this body too and he prefers me to be curvy than the super slim Jean. So if my Boaz is happy, then I'm happy too. When I look at my pictures when I was with my ex husband frankly I looked unhappy and anorexic. I believe I now look like the woman God designed me to be. What I have learnt is when you are with the wrong man, he will take away your God given beauty too. The right man will bring out even the inner beauty in you. 

In Other Other News

One thing I know is I have lived to see my desire on the wicked in the land of the living. All the remaining cult leaders are leaving the cult at the speed of lighting. Nurses Julius and Yvonne Gayakaya have now jumped the sinking ship. After all the fighting they did for the paedophile, they have left. Who remembers Nurse Gayakaya writing on the blog (mostly broken English) fighting for the Musuka family and Masocha. Isn't the world rather sweet. Victor Kwaramba has left the cult too. His departure came after his wife Kudzi was abusing Mary emotionally and financially, social workers had to intervene as Mary is classed as a vulnerable adult.  Nick Muzeziwa and his wife have also left. Honestly who is left for the paedophile? I repeat, who is left for the paedophile? It is Fathers Day after all. Where are all his children? 

Yvonne and Julius Gayakaya have finally left the cult. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

There Is Something About Mary, And Its Definitely Not Brain Tumour

Now and again I get phone calls from ex members of Agape who wants me to put up something on the blog about the cult and all the dark things that goes on behind the scenes. Because of my new lifestyle blog, clothing line, Art work, Poetry, Radio Show, Beauty products I promote and being a wife and mother, I have been extremely busy. Sometimes I feel like I can't run away from this blog, it sounds really weird. Just yesterday I got a phone call from a dear ex Agape member who said " Jean we know you have moved on, but please update the blog. Some of us still need it for encouragement and to overcome". It made me realise that this blog is not really mine, I am just a vessel who manages it. But this blog really belongs to every person who has been hurt and abused by Masocha. Its their place of refuge where they have the strength to fight back. 

As the Psalmist in Psalm 45:1 says, "My heart is inditing a good matter. I speak of the things which I have made touching the King. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer." As a ready writer always,  the stories keep on coming, and all I have to do is write. This particular story is about a lady called Mary, well I called her Mary for confidentiality reasons, but that is not her real name. I'm sure a lot of the readers know her story, but for those who do not, here is a brief recap. 

Mary is a single mother of two teenage daughters, who are now in a rebellious stage against their mother. She became a single mother after Masocha advised her to leave her husband. Mary is a cult member of Agape. Sadly last year, she was given advice by Walter Masocha to stop taking her medication for a chronic illness. Yes Masocha claims to heal HIV, Cancers, Tuberculosis and other life threatening chronic diseases. He says even doctors in the whole of Scotland recommend HIV and cancer patients to him. So with Mary he did his miraculous healing but unfortunately the withdrawal of her medication caused an infection in her brain. Since her Daddy had told her she was healed, she felt she had to go and see her Daddy for prayers since things where clearly not well with her mind, soul and body. Sadly Masocha, even though he had caused all this, refused to see her and calling her a "mad woman". She was being accompanied by cult leader Winnie Mawarire. When told she could not see Daddy, she flipped, which is understandable considering Walter was the one who had told her to stop her medication. She then badly assaulted Winnie and Winnie immediately called the police, leading to the sectioning of Mary in December 2015.  

Whilst Mary was sectioned under the Mental Health Act, cult members of Agape where not allowed to visit her in hospital by medical professionals as they understood Agape Cult was the primary cause for the breakdown of Mary. After spending more than 6 months in a psychiatric hospital, Mary is now been given day leaves, though not yet fully discharged. Sadly last month Masocha started calling her. Cult members have also started luring her back, as she is still confused. Mary's family have tried hard to fight the Cult to stay away from Mary. 

But sadly Mary now believes that she has a brain tumour and that Masocha has healed her, proving the extent of her confusion and vulnerability at the moment. Mary has never been diagnosed of brain tumour though she is now announcing on Facebook that she battling a brain tumour.  If she had a brain tumour she would have been in a medical hospital to get the tumour removed not stuck in a psychiatric hospital for over half a year. She had a brain infection as a result of being messed up by Walter Msaocha not a brain tumour. Mary's family are going through a very difficult time right now as they have completely lost their daughter to Agape cult. They feel she is  being sacrificed for the upcoming trial and it would be a repeated case of Cathy Chigavazira who collapsed and died in an Agape Cult Service in 2014 after she had been also advised by Masocha to stop taking her medication. Its all very sad,  please pray for Mary and her family, we pray she lives and doesn't die. 

Speaking of the horrific never ending deaths in Agape. I can now confirm that another person has recently died in Agape. The poor victim was a white man who was a care taker at the Agape Miracle Rain Center in Nottingham. Due to the lack of legalised electricity in the building and the use of old style heaters, carbon monoxide leaked causing the death of this caretaker. Unfortunately the remaining cult members where not even told about this death and it was covered up by Edna Guveya and her husband along with Walter and Judith Masocha. They said that if cult members know about the death, they will fear that the building is now haunted. Well the building is already haunted though, not only by the poor white caretaker, but by every soul who has ever died because of you Walter Masocha...Vongai, Cathy, Scott Chiriseri...I mean the list of blood shed in this cult is endless. 

I am still getting the information of the caretaker who recently died in the hands of Walter Masocha. The trial draweth nigh indeed...

In Other News

Sadly still speaking about death. Last month Gloria Musuka passed away. For confidentiality and respect I can not disclose the cause of death. Rest in peace Gloria.  I remember the love and care you showed me in Zimbabwe when I visited you in 2011. You chose to fight your own mother and wicked sisters for me. You refused to be part of their wickedness. Even the day your own sister called the ambulance on me, you called me. You were the only person in that family who had a heart. I pray you rest in peace Gloria. I pray you are in a better place. I will always remember you as the only woman in the Musuka family who ever stood up for me. I could not let you go, without paying tribute to you. 

In other news I can also confirm former Agape Envoy Elijah has now successively moved on with his life and has managed to build a new life with his current beautiful young wife. I am truly happy for him. His ex wife Theresa  chose to let her husband flee the cult alone and refused to jump the sinking ship with him in 2013 when the blog started. She chose to stick with Masocha, but by the time she realised how wicked Agape was, it was too late. Her husband had moved on. She begged him to take her back, but he had already shut the door. As I write this Theresa is now mentally unstable and struggling as a single mother, she is often seen walking up and down wondering in the streets. Please pray for this poor soul. It all reminds me of the lives that Masocha has destroyed. For those still in the Cult, do not be like Theresa, a foolish virgin. When your husband or wife flees the cult, follow them...don't wait until its too late. 

In Other Other News

People often complement me for my smooth skin and ask what my beauty secrets are...
The products you use for your skin makes a huge difference. Some products are toxic to your skin because they have harmful ingredients. I use Yess Essentials skincare products and they always makes my skin velvety smooth...
The soap is made from naturally sourced potash obtained from cocoa pod husk ash & unrefined palm kernel oil from west Africa. The African Black Soap is 100% organic and has no animals fats, preservatives, chemicals or fragrances, and can be recommended for most sensitive skins including young children.
All my children's skin responds beautifully to Yess Essentials skincare products...
I also use the Yess Essentials Loofah natural sponge to exfoliate my skin...its gentle to the skin yet it does the job...
For more of this magical skin care regime visit the Facebook page Yess Essentials or website www.yessessentials.com.


Friday, 13 May 2016

The Biggest Thing To Happen Since The Fall Of Agape...An Arranged Wedding By Walter Masocha Before His Second Trial

Before I get into my article, Agape I know you guys are slow, like really slow. The topic of this blog post is actually satire. Whilst you are still trying to digest my first two sentences, please google the meaning of the word "satire". So okay, over the last two weeks I have been bombarded with comments from Agape Cult members (the few remaining ones) about a so called upcoming wedding of a Viola Chitiyo and a Mark Mupfumira. Its like they really want me to know about this wedding. To them they feel like somehow this "news" will hurt me. For some strange reason they feel I have to shade a tear or two over this. They think it's the ultimate punch to me, and I should be like "ouch". I have failed to come up with the calculations as to why this should hurt me. I just don't get it, seriously. Why should I hurt over a very substandard wedding of two ordinary middle aged people that I have never even met in my life who have no significance what-so ever on the world map. The only 2 reasons why they are even getting air time on my blog is because a) Agape cult is literally now harassing me about this wedding, and b) actually I dont have a second reason. 

From what I have gathered from the last two weeks I have been bombarded by this arranged marriage "news", there is nothing else going on in the dead cult now. Its over. There is another major trial for "Daddy" in August, and the remaining board members and envoys are now leaving at the speed of lightning. Sandra is now doing care work, as she was unable to graduate because of plagiarism. Titi  is now back in the UK with not even a degree. I know it's trying times for your dead cult. When people flee the cult, they also feel the need to tell me that they have finally fled. As I am writing this blog post, I know another cult board member or envoy will be throwing in the towel by the end of the week, and yes I will hear about it too, sigh. Even 11 year old Vanessa Gayakaya did confirm to me that the cult is dead. So please stop treating this wedding as if its the best thing to happen since the fall of Agape.  I know there is nothing else going in the dead cult but ya'll need the calm the hell down. It's just a wedding folk, people around the world have these every single day. People also get divorced every day. So I will certainly not lose sleep over Viola's arranged wedding to a 50 plus old divorced bankrupt man who has no single academic qualification and goes around the world seeking deliverance and prayers from false prophets. 

For entertainment purposes please do watch the video of Agape Cult member Mark Mupfumira below, it will prove what I'm saying. Its totally hilarious. The length people will go to get a blessing, lol. Please watch from 21 minutes onwards, but if you really want a good laugh watch the whole video, the first man is publicly talking about his erectile dysfunction issues, its just bizarre, and as for Mark Mupfumira apparently he has some "forensic anointing" whatever that is.  I tried to google the meaning of it but no luck, if anyone has an insight on "forensic anointing" please enlighten us I beg...

Anyway moving on from forensic anointings and arranged weddings, in case you guys didn't know, I already have a husband, the ever so young and handsome Nino. You are barking at the wrong tree with your wedding news lol. My Boaz is a young man, never been married or divorced and certainly not bankrupt. He is also extremely talented and ambitious, so please take a sit down. Tipeiwo ma-serious please. Musandinyaudze neka wedding kenyu ketwo cents. Its not exactly the wedding of the year is it. Zvimwe zvinoto nzwisa tsitsi shuwa. 

This is my Boaz Agape, in case you need reminding 
Talking about more important things, I was truly humbled by this tribute by the editor of Iliszwi 263. I have had the opportunity to write for their reputable website as a guest blogger and it was truly encouraging when the editor wrote this tribute about me and another woman of substance on his Facebook wall this week...now and again God shows me how people see me and its ever so humbling that my work does make a difference in peoples lives.  This is what he had to say about me...
Today I want to pay homage to two women who I think are both beautiful, inside and on the exterior.They have never met but they have a few things in common:They are both Zim girls living abroad. From what I have read on their walls, they were both daddy's little girls. It's not hard to see why.They both stick their graceful necks out, to fight for the downtrodden. If a girl is harassed in Nepal, Barbara is on Facebook - she is one of few women capable of being hot and menacing, simultaneously - yelling "ndokurova" words. Jean Fadzai Gasho is an evangelist and a mentor in Church. Both women are writers. I have had the opportunity to read both their works; Barbara in 'amaBooks anthology Where To Now: Short Stories from Zimbabwe and Jean on the ilizwi263 project.I left the biggest similarity for last:Both Barbara and Jean are mums to four children. And they STIIIILL look like this. How? Because they both regularly put Nike to asphalt, which gives them the Sports Illustrated cover-girl physique.Jean Gasho and Barbara Mhangami....I want to see your birth certificates. And then I want proof of those four children.

In Other News

When I became homeless 3 years ago, I remember Agape Cult starting a blog about me mocking me. At that time I used to go to a certain lake and just pray, I would pray that God would give me a place to sleep with my children. Now 3 years later, my Boaz  took me to the very same lake. As I sat there with him whilst our two boys were playing and our girls were feeding the ducks, I realised that God answered my prayer and gave me more than a house. At that time when I was homeless, my ex husband was taking me to court claiming that I was an unfit mother so he wanted my children removed from my care. The guy has some nerve right, no one will ever take my babies from me. Well, his opening statement in court was, "Jean is homeless, she does not have a place for the children to live. So Jean can not have the children. Jean does not have a house or a car. I have a car. Jean does not drive. She can't take the children to school in a car. I have a car so will be able to drive the children to school in a car. Jean does not have a driving licence. I have a car. Jean doesn't. Jean thinks she is some kind of celebrity, she actually thinks she is famous." Anyway I will just leave it right there...

Friday, 22 April 2016

Public Message To The World From 11 Year Old Vanessa Gayakaya In Defence Of Walter Masocha

So today I was busy celebrating passing my driving test, which I still am by the way. Yes its going to be a long party weekend. However as  I was just about to pop another champagne bottle,  my you tube channel with an Agape video of myself started buzzing. Normally I don't get alarmed by you tube responses but when a comment comes from an 11 year old child hurling abuse on a public forum defending Walter Masocha then that's quite alarming. Yes you read right, today I received a number of harassing messages publicly on You Tube from Vanessa Gayakaya, who is the 11 year old child of Staff Nurses Julius and Yvone Gayakaya. 

Vanessa did not comment as anonymous, no. She came with her full birth name and picture and left a message for the world warning them about Jean Gasho that no Church should welcome me because I will tear them to down and take them to court. Below is one of the public messages from Vanessa Gayakaya, please keep in mind that this is an 11 year old child. 

Churches across the world this bitch lies wait until she does it to your church she will take u to court she will tear it down trust me I know, Vanessa Gayakaya, April 22 2016.

Below is the screen shot of Vanessa's public on-line messages.

The video that angered Vanessa Gayakaya

When I showed my 12 year old daughter these messages from her former friend, (they used to play together in Agape) my daughter said there was no way Vanessa wrote that. She said an 11 year old doesn't even use that language on-line. My daughter believes it was Vanessa's mother who wrote the  abusive messages using her own daughters name. 

Well, whether it was Vanessa, Julius or Yvonne Gayakaya who wrote these messages publicly, it raised a few concerns to me as a parent. My children are not even allowed to post abusive messages on-line. Why would they allow their child to expose herself with her picture and name using foul abusive language in the name of defending Walter Masocha. For a child under 12 to go on-line harassing someone because of a man who is facing several charges of sexual assault on women, it's not normal.  It raises a few concerns. If it was Yvonne Gayakaya using her own daughters name to harass me in defence of Walter Masocha, then that is even worse. Does she not realise she is abusing her own child by using her name publicly. What people can do in the name of defending a so called man of God. The mind boggles. 

I contacted the police and reported the on-line harassment and the concerns I had. I was advised this was a safeguarding and parental issue and advised to contact Social Services immediately in Liverpool regarding the matter, which I have done. The police have also recorded the incident. I have done my part. 

In Other News

The sexual assault trial of Walter Masocha has been moved to August. A lot is happening behind the scenes, should I say desperate measures are causing some not to sleep, but needless to say, the trial will go on. The truth will prevail. No stone will be left unturned.

Whilst Walter Masocha was waiting for his appeal, he successfully completed his community service painting schools in Scotland. He asked to be moved a few times due to the nature of the work load and the reception he was given during the community service. 

A number of the few remaining Envoys have since left the cult since the appeal. I will not name them on the blog, but I will say well done for finally seeing the light, you know who you are, and the cult knows too.  Its never too late to jump the sinking ship. Don't feel guilty that you stayed in the cult too long, not all of us will be saved in one day, for others it takes time. Just take each day as it comes and enjoy the freedom. Most importantly be kind to yourself. 

In Other Other News

As I said I passed my driving test. I'm so made up guys! Its been long time coming but I did it in the end. This was something I could never do when I was with the wrong people in the wrong place. Nino pushed me to go for it, and with him by my side, I did it. I did it for our children. Now the joy rides begins. The road trips...oh my.  I'm going to be rolling in style. I'm now taking off and no one can stop me now...when God opens a door, no man can shut it. 

The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you have come 

And I am now taking off...

Monday, 28 March 2016

Why God Allows Women To Be Divorced

I am pleased to announce that my new radio show Just A Woman premiers today on Living Springs Christian Radio at 7pm London time. The first show is entitled Thy Maker is Thy Husband, Why God allows women to be divorced and its about surviving divorce from a biblical perspective. Please tune in and interact with me via Facebook and Twitter 

It will be broadcast at 7pm tonight (UK time)  and repeats at the same time Tuesday through to Friday.

In Other News

I'm truly blessed to have a husband who encourages me in my work. Last week Nino surprised me with a designer Micheal Kors watch because I have been working so hard in my artwork...Once upon a time I had a man who abused me so much he suppressed every gift that God has given me. He mocked my artwork and never encouraged me to draw or do anything that I'm passionate about. But today I'm humbled to have a man who has become the wind beneath my wings, and encourages me to fly higher than an Eagle. Thank you Nino for this beautiful watch...my hand is truly blessed for it has won me many battles...
Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle, Psalm 144:1
 Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might, Ecc 9:10

And yes my work is truly blessed...Pencil By Jean
ITV presenter Alison Hammond sent me a personal touching message after my interpretation of her bubbly personality...she inspires me that anything is possible with God 

Multi Award Fashion Designer Mary Martin was so humbled by my drawing...I am honoured to call this woman my friend.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

My Open Letter To Agape Church

He prepares a table before me...
When I told you do I look bothered you thought I was bluffing. The appeal win was only but a sick twisted joke to me...no wonder even the media didn't take it seriously, the testimony of jury is what will always stand, in the court of truth and integrity, so what exactly did he win, I pray? Who has a table that is prepared in the presence of their enemies? Who has their enemies as a footstool? Who is being restored a thousand times? Who has God given the feet of a deer, so they can walk on their high places? Where I now walk, no child of Agape can even dream of crawling to. An Agape child can not even eat the crumbs falling from my table. There is no Agape woyee in places like these...get it. 

I can't help but write to you Agape. You see I attended the Screen Nations Awards last weekend where my Boaz  Nino was opening the show. Did you hear that, my Boaz was opening one of the biggest Television and film awards  in Black Entertainment where the winners were the likes of Idris Elba, Abraham Atta and Star Wars The Force Awakens actor John Boyega. It was without a doubt a phenomenal experience for me, ummm sitting and dining with the cream of British stars . I was not in the 20 meter radius of the stars, I was with them and one of them, in the VIP area. You see Agape, I dont mean to brag...but 2 years ago today I was recovering from homelessness and a painful marriage breakdown, ya'll where laughing at me as you tried to bury me in the sand saying I was cursed. But take a look at me now...Agape Church. Where are you? Can ya'll hear me? Anybody? Do I look like a cursed damsel to you? Did God punish me for touching your anointed? Why does it look like I'm actually being blessed for it? Or are you going to say I'm using witchcraft powers as you always accuse me? Cough cough, roll eyes...Not even one Agape child will ever dine with a world class celebrity. Sorry but its just a fact. All you know is wiping the sweat of a middle aged man with a fat belly and fighting for his leftover food as he steps on your jackets with his dirty shoes. Has anyone ever been blessed by for stooping that low? Don't ya'll live in run down council houses whilst giving all your hard earned money to daddy. Another cough. Let me clear my thought. I dont mean to brag...but please Agape just allow me to express my self to ya'll, please take a good look at me now....I said just pause for a minute and please take a good look at me now...

Yours truly

Jean (ex cult member of Agape and victim no more)

PS. Please don't confuse the word "celebrity" with "Daddy", they are two different things...
He makes my feet like hinds feet, and makes me walk on my high places..

Ummm let me just say, ever so proud of my baby...
His performance was the best of the night

Even the stars where so impressed, such as Celebrity TV Chef Ainsley Harriot

And then it was my chance to mingle with the girls...

With X Factor Judge Sinitta, Olympic Gold Medallist Denise Lewis (who just loved my hair by the way) and of course the one and only super talented Beverly Knight
With This Morning TV Presenter Alison Hammond (who won TV Personality Of The Year Award) and having a laugh with Ainsley Harriot, with The Voice Singer and Poet Lara Lee and backstage with the Screen Nation Awards presenter Claire Clottey

Oh and by the way my hair is like so trending right now, not only was it a hit at the Screen Nation Awards, all the celebs just loved it,  but it has also created a buzz on social media. Please dont copy my hairstyle Agape waiting ladies, the way you guys copy everything I do...like how ya'll wore my trademark hairstyle at Sharon Masocha Shamba's wedding, (her bridesmaids) I mean,  I had people sending me the pictures asking me why my hair was being copied, I don't mind my style being being imitated by normal people but when its coming from a satanic cult, it can be annoying and quite scary, just saying.

My new hair is a trend at the moment...mohawk braids and Ghanaian cornrows

In Other News 

Okay, so a few Agape children have been saying the upcoming trial next month is no longer going ahead, I will confirm again that the Walter Masocha trial is next month in Scotland. They are in denial and deluded my dear readers, please dont mind them. I will not address this issue again till the trial.  Anyway, more important news, X-Factor judge absolutely loved my pencil interpretation of her. I was inspired by her youthful vibrancy, she looks thirty yet she is in a her 50's, a truly beautiful black woman who is now a fan of #PencilByJean.  Oh and by the way, my Daddy, the real one Mr Never Gasho said to me yesterday, "You have a gift my baby girl, now flowing from you like living waters, and no one can ever take that away from you..." So yeah I dont mean to brag, but...is there any Agape child on my blog, laugh at me I beg...and whilst you are at it please visit my new blog here will you...
My new blog...Just Jean 

My pencil interpretation of the never ageing Sinitta

And the X-Factor judge just loved my artwork! 

Please Pray For...

Dear readers, it came to my attention from a very reliable source that Tsitsi (Agape Cult Evangelist and Board Member) is critically unwell. Please keep her in prayer dear readers, dont gloat. Pray for her healing, the bible says we need to pray for those who hurt us and persecute us. Also keep dear Mary in prayers too, and most importantly pray for the sexual assault victims who will be testifying against Walter Masocha next month. They need strength and courage. 

Monday, 15 February 2016

The Battle That Brought Me My Boaz...Is Definitely A Winning Battle

He came to me through my story, it started as HE WAS MY DADDY...a story of pain and abuse, but out of the ashes came beauty, love and family. The greatest thing this battle bought me was love. My King. My Hubby. My Boaz. My Phantom of the Opera. He sings to me, He prays with me, He holds my hand, He protects me. A dotting father to our children. The love of my life. He was never a reader and didn't like blogs much, but lo and behold he read every post and every comment, except the shona ones of course for he is an Asante Prince. When they said "ndiani angade mukadzi ane vana hobho", God sent me this King, as he read my story of pain he saw the woman he wanted to love and said I want to be the man to make her smile again...
And making me smile he does everyday...

And feeds me till my African curves comes out ...

He takes me to the love escape..

And takes my breath away

So yeah do I look like a damsel in distress to you? 

So in a nutshell, my life could not be better. I have met amazing sisters here. I have met someone wonderful brothers. I  have an army of people who believe in me world wide. The jury in Scotland were just the best, they believed in my testimony, no bribes, no tithes money just nothing but the truth...and wasn't he coming off the sex offender register in like two months or something, but if tithes money can speed it up why not...it doesn't take away the TRUTH nor does it take away the battle I won fair and square, in Jean's best-seller I am a WINNER! And more women will win because God made me pave the way for them...

Oh and just another thing...
Do I look bothered? 

In Other News...

I am standing firmly with the victims who have reported Walter Masocha for sexual abuse, as we await for the upcoming trial in April this year, lets continue to pray for the victims. More women continue to report the horrendous alleged abuses in Agape Cult. It wont be one trial to come, its more. I hope my sisters who have been abused will find comfort and strength in my poem that touches on women who persevere and overcomes abuse in religious settings...be inspired sisters, you will all get your BOAZes...

Oh and Ruvimbo mwana wa Daddy as she calls herself been flooding my inbox till I had to block her, not sure what the party she is talking about but any ways, for entertainment purposes one of her emails my dear readers...sometimes we have to laugh hey...well Nino thought it was a compliment though because it says Jean wa Nino, I guess its so true when the bible says even your enemies will bless you...

In Other Other News

I feel encouraged to have been asked to host a women's programme on an inspirational radio station, God is surely enlarging the tent of my territory...Radio ministry is very exciting for me, I have overcome with the word of my testimony and the blood of the lamb...Jean Gasho Ministries is just beginning, 2016 is a fantastic year for me! Oh and for the record, I am not a pastor, I don't have a church, I am just a woman who appears to have inspired other women with my story, now that's MINISTRY!