Monday, 3 March 2014

Agape member who wrote a Facebook post wishing me dead falls to her death during Church service in Scotland

Former Archishop Walter Masocha is reported to have instructed single mother Cathy Chigavazira to discharge herself from hospital and and refrain from any medical form of treatment in order to get her healing in Agape. Cathy is reported to have given this shocking testimony herself  exactly a week before her death at a women's conference last week. In a shocking twist the church has learnt that in the meantime the Prophetess of Agape Judith Masocha is in Nigeria at an undisclosed location for unknown reasons to the church.  There is much speculation among former members and Agape members that the Prophetess' mysterious trip to Nigeria may be linked to the recent allegations of evil and satanism in the church and heavy fear has fallen on many people being affected by Agape.

Agape's moto is to reach out to the world with the unconditional love of God with the aim of comforting the hurting and healing the broken hearted.  However on 5 February 2014 committed church goer and Board member Yvonne Gayakaya posted a Facebook post expressing her joy and great pleasure at the pain and torture I have gone through inflicted by Agape. She openly mocked me that I had no husband, money or home anymore and all I do is blog.  It was on that Facebook post that Cathy Chigavazira  posted a very disturbing reply and openly prophesied what seemed to be my death where I would fall down with a heavy thud and how great my fall would be. 

In much sadness and shock I have learnt that yesterday during a church service in Scotland Cathy fell to her death after she had been told by former Archbishop Walter Masocha to discharge herself from hospital and expect her healing in church.  Cathy testified at the Women's Conference last weekend how the police followed her home after she self discharged and persuaded her to go back into hospital for treatment. A determined Cathy testified she told the police that her Daddy Walter Masocha had told her to leave hospital and come to Church.  She said the god of Walter Masocha was healing her.

It got more shocking after Cathy's sudden death as a text message with a cold and unloving tone was passed around to church members which appeared to trivialise Cathy's sudden horrific death and the message said Cathy had been "promoted to glory".

The lack of empathy by Agape to the sudden death of the mother of one was truly the final nail to the coffin to the spirit behind Agape. Cathy was the woman who was behind the Agape merchandise. She was the woman behind the Agape brand. She designed every T-shirt, every overall and all the stationery and products of Agape.  The text message of her death by Agape Officials was something never seen before as there was no sign of mourning or loss. All the text said was Cathy had been promoted to glory.  We know it is biblical and Christian to mourn the death of others. Believers cried when Dorcas died in Acts. Even Jesus wept at the death of Lazarous. Death is never meant to be trivialised especially one so tragic and sudden.  Agape's cold response to Cathy's death has left the world in shock and they have refused to give a statement to the press despite the former Archbishop Walter Masocha being at the centre and others arguing that he's the cause of Cathy Chigavazira's death.  

I personally am deeply shocked and saddened by Cathy's sudden death. I have never heard of a person falling to their death whist about to give a testimony during a church service.   I do not wish death on anyone, even my worst enemies.  The Bible clearly warns us not to wish anyone dead and that we should love our enemies and do good to those who curse us.

I am reminded of Haman and Modecai. The gallows Modecai was meant to be hung on by Haman ended up bring Haman's own death sentence. I personally have received numerous death wishes and worse from Agape church members. But I still do not wish those people to die. I believe its not for us to prophesy the death of another mortal.  

 Much speculation and allegations of repeated behaviour of the former Archbishop Walter Masocha instructing church members to stop taking medication and expect healing from God has now started to surface.  A few weeks ago I received a message from a teenager who said her mother nearly died after falling ill at a church conference in Agape and the former Archbishop prayed and advised against calling an ambulance.  The woman was then later taken to hospital against the Archbishop's advice and was lucky to survive. I find it ironic how Agape is quick to call 999 for an ambulance on so called mental people yet those really needed urgent medical treatment are refused medical care. 

I believe Cathy's death could have been avoided had she not been advised to leave hospital by her Daddy who is meant to have officially resigned from pastoral duties.  May Cathy's soul rest in peace. I personally knew Cathy and I pray her biological family is comforted and get answers from Walter Masocha as to why he told her to discharge herself from hospital. 

Below is the Facebook post by Yvonne Gayakaya commented by Cathy.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Its International Women's Day!

And my voice is going to be heard, at last...

So the countdown has finally begun! The day is drawing nigh. Its only a few days to our International Women's Day Victim No More event! Jean is excited okay! A little nervous of course, but I feel empowered and ready for this day. When Muzvare Betty Makoni told me about this day last year in October, I was like no way. I was kinda used to false promises you see and I had little faith, and boy I never thought she would actually do an event to support me. Me. Jean Gasho. It sounded too good to be true. But hey its really happening, Muzvare Betty is a woman of her word indeed. She is passionate about her work and I could never ask for a better mentor.  

Muzvare Betty Makoni

I have been kinda busy preparing for 1 March, please forgive me for the silence, but I thought my readers the keyboard warriors would like to hear from me. I thank God for the blog secretary Debbie Mackenzie who is now mostly in charge of this blog. She is God sent and I thank God for all her hard work. So back to 1 March, its International Women's Day launch. A day to celebrate women. International women's day has been running since 1911, and each year there is a theme. The theme for 2014 is inspiring change, celebrating social, political and economic achievements of women whilst focusing world attention on areas requiring further change. I feel honored as a woman to play a small part on this special time of the year. If my speaking out about Church abuse saved one little girl or just one woman from going through what I went through in the hands of Pastors and a Church leader, then I feel my purpose was achieved. I want to inspire change. I am going to speak with such a voice on the 1st of March that even a woman in the remotest part of Africa will hear that there is a woman called Jean somewhere in this world who said NO to Church abuse. God will perfect that which He started. This day is not just about me, its for every woman who has suffered in the hands of any so called Man of God. Its time for change! 

Lets talk 1 March Fashion, shall we! 

Okay so I am kinda like a fashion freak. Fashion and style is at the heart of who we are as women. Fashion identifies us with our passions, and I sure wanted to bring this spirit into the 1 March event. When Muzvare Betty asked me what my favourite colour was, I visualised the event. Orange is not just my favorite color, orange is me. It defines me. I don't know why I love this color, but I have always been drawn to it ever since I was a child. Orange is colour of passion, even my living room is orange. I also  happen to wear a lot of orange. Muzvare Betty keeps talking about the venue for 1 March being a place of healing and moving on. Orange is actually one of the primary healing colors. Orange is optimistic. With its enthusiasm for life, the color orange relates to adventure, risk taking, inspiring physical confidence, competition and independence. Those inspired by orange are always on the go. Its a color that aids the assimilation of new ideas and frees the spirit of its limitations, giving us the freedom to be ourselves. What am I saying, for me orange is the ultimate fashion accessory. Just wearing this vibrant bold color is stimulating to me both mentally and physically. I am having my dress tailor made for 1 March, I want my designer to bring out the ultimate orange in me! For that reason the theme colors for this event are orange, brown and black. I hope we will all be rocking our orange swagga on 1 March in Essex. Brown is for the strong woman of color, and black is for black beauty and elegance, but the main color remains vibrant orange. 

 Some ideas on how to rock orange on 1 March...
 Orange always looks radiant on brown skin, here is one of my favorite natural icons Lira at the BET awards in tangerine orange...
 Some simple yet sophisticated orange designs  from Johari Designs
And don't we just love Jennifer Hudson especially in orange...
In Agape I was well known for wearing orange, I guess that was always the fighter in me...

Its International Women's Day, ladies lets wear orange for positive change! Oh and men are very welcome to the event too, they may not wanna wear orange, but black or brown would look good and complement the bright orange! Its an event for empowering women to say no to church abuse but men are also needed as the fear and stigma of spiritual and sexual abuse is instilled in women by men who have no awareness of spiritual related sexual abuse.  Its time for change for both men and women! 

The book signing

Its been pretty amazing. I am an author in my own right at last. I will be officially launching and signing my book Napolia on 1 March. Its taken me this long and for this reason this is my empowerment as a woman at its best. Signing my book on International Womens Day Launch. When you realize the sky is the limit and no man can ever take away the gift that is in you, not even a man of God, then you could not be more empowered as a woman. What God has blessed no man can curse. I launched my official website last week  and  the book is now on Amazon and God is doing amazing things indeed. 

The Interview of the week

So Muzvare Betty Makoni interviewed a number of women in preparation for 1 March and I happened to be one of them. The interview is now available on Nehanda Radio please listen t it and be inspired. I couldn't believe it when I listened to the interview myself, some really mind boggling truths about the severity of church abuse in Agape. 

So dear readers, keyboard warriors, this is how far we have come, I hope to see you all on 1 March, its going to be a day like no other, come and be inspired. My family is also going to be there, and my dearest friends who have stood by me through these trying times will be supporting me. I am Jean, and I am a VICTIM NO MORE, till I see you on 1 March! Be blessed. 

One of my fashion inspirations for 1 March, this is not just a day for healing, its a day to rise up as confident stylish women of color....we are beautiful 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

From the blog Secretary: Debbie Mackenzie

Having been reading BOTH blogs, ‘He is still my dad’ and this one, but I am a supporter of the victims of Agape (AFANMI) and will fight till the end for justice.  I have written this to show the difference between the two blogs and the dirty tactics of the ‘others’.  So let’s see….
Taking that the ‘church’ is basically called Agape, I want to remind you what it actually means:
AGAPE = Definition: Agape is selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love, the highest of the four types of love in the Bible.
This Greek word and variations of it are found throughout the New Testament. Agape perfectly describes the kind of love Jesus Christ has for his followers:
Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them. (John 14:21, NIV)
AS FOLLOWERS OF JESUS CHRIST (I assume), we are called to love our enemy; forgive our brothers/sisters - these are very difficult to do when people become hurt through sharp, careless words, unthinking actions, and abuse, yet we are able to turn to Jesus time and again for forgiveness in this time of grace. We also need to learn to forgive those that have hurt us, so that we can move forward in life, however,  forgiving does not mean that we lie down and accept abuse towards up in any manner.  We are able to pursue justice for wrong doing, forgiveness is totally separate, as there are laws we need to abide both biblical and of the land.  The Lord teaches we are to follow the laws of the land. (1 Peter 2:13-17)
The whole saga of Jean vs cheaters in Agape; the other blog vs Jean has become a witch hunt of who did this and that, many are being hurt, but it has also enabled to give a voice to all concerned.  It is time to start to turn away from the personal vendettas but to seek the truth behind the abuse that has taken place.  This abuse is: Sexual, Financial, Bullying, Lying, Cutting off families and silence of many whom knows the real story. (This is just the tip of the iceberg!)
The other blog is determined to expose Jean’s past life is not only degrading, but it show how low morally they are using personal information to get back at her, and her family. They would disagree here by claiming that they are only exposing the truth; but, isn’t it true we all have something in our past we are not proud of, where we have done wrong?  As far as the ambulance story….there is always differing views on any event that takes place.  People will recall the scenario as they view it from which side of the fence they are sitting.  There is always a right and a wrong and where there are many people they will each give their own account of what happened, sometimes people have their own agenda and fear to tell the truth for fear of being an outcaste from where they want acceptance. These situations are complicated; however, having witnessed a similar event in Liverpool (Satellite), I can honestly say the event did happen the way Jean has told us on her blog.
As far as the sexual abuse visited in these blogs.... just because a person has been abused previously in their life, it does not mean that it won’t happen again. In fact, it is more likely to happen again as people tend to put themselves into similar situations ( this does not make them a liar, or someone who makes it up.  We can only surmise, as we were not involved at the actual happening of the abuse; hence we take a side.  Again, many factors need to be reviewed: has the accused, Dr Masocha done this before?  This must have happened as according to the charges, two people have reported sexual abuse. A woman, who we presume to be Jean, and a minor, who cannot be named for legal reasons.  Also, others are saying they too have been abused by the accused, Dr. Masocha.  So it has to be something much bigger than we can see, we again can surmise that people are just saying this, or that as you have implied Jean is posting anonymously, or maybe there is truth in these cries. I would say that there have been others, many are afraid to speak out, many are blaming themselves, all because of who the accused is and how he used his position to manipulate and take advantage of vulnerable people, including children. 
Having been abused myself, there have been posts of how an abused person should be smiling and posing.  How does an abused person look? Have they got a tattoo on them saying ‘I am abused’ – or do they put on a mask and hide what they truly feel inside? For me, I blocked it out for many years, and then it came back and I had to deal with it.  So, don’t judge a person by what you see, because you do not know the inner turmoil of hurt and pain.
The other blog, He is still my dad, has been talking about a book Jean wrote they call it the ‘300 book’ – firstly, this book was written and given to Dr. Masocha and ONLY him, even though they say differently.  It was written and given to in confidence to Dr.Masocha so he counsel and give spiritual guidance to Jean to bring healing from her past. It was NEVER MEANT FOR OTHERS to read or use against the person who wrote it.  Most of us, if not all have personal secrets, some worse than others –many people use the art of writing to express their troubling events to see them clearly. Jean did this and gave it to a leader of a church (Agape) to help with healing and prayer in the strictest confidence.  I shudder that this confidence has been broken; I ask who can one trust, especially if it is someone who says they are of God?  So, from the way that the other blog is using this personal information given to Dr Masocha, I ask…… The self-proclaimed ‘man of God’ has broken trust and confidence with one of his flock.  If he can do it once, who says he doesn’t always do it?
On the blog, ‘He is still my dad’, they say they are ‘Children of Agape’, if this is true, they do not understand the meaning of the word Agape.  Within Agape we were taught, ‘Agape is love, unconditional love’ – seems it is only for those within that church,  as when you leave, immediately you are called demonic, evil, dangerous and those in Agape are told to cut all ties – strangely, this is even to family members, husbands and wives who do not want to be in that church.  I can already see the comments how this is not true…. Let me tell you IT IS TRUE, IT HAPPENED TO US.
Our Mission now is to expose the truth, not through back stabbing comments/posts, but by going step by step through the teachings of Agape, to show how we have been groomed, manipulated and brainwashed, so much so that we believed we were true Christians.  We will be exploring:
·         Dr.Masocha’s qualification to start and lead a church - where he worshiped before starting his own church.
·         The Vision of Agape – how it was born, the contradictions within it
·         The Dr.Masocha’s teaching in: Threshing Floor (both editions); Dynamics; finance
·         Financial records
·         Surgeries: the dark secrets of these meetings
·         Leadership
·         Conferences: Men’s; women’s; youth; couples, family and others
·         Prayer retreats and Missions: what really happened?
·         Other topics that arise.
I leave you with these words:
Ezekiel 34:4: "You have not strengthened the weak or healed the sick or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or searched for the lost. You have ruled them harshly and brutally."
Ron Henzel writing about Battered Sheep explains the above verse: This was a terrible indictment against the prophets, priests and governing officials of Israel in Ezekiel's day. It was their job to strengthen the spiritually weak, heal the spiritually sick, and bind up the spiritually injured. It was their job to bring back the strays and search for the lost.

Sound familiar?
Former Agape Attaches Debbie and husband Arthur Mackenzie

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Something that encouraged me, a report by the Afro News...

Read the report by Stephen Ogongo Ogong'a here 
Jean Gasho says nothing will stop her from telling the truth about the sexual assault and many life threatening emotional abuses she experienced at Agape for All Nations Ministries International Church
A young UK-based Zimbabwean woman is determined to fight for justice after being “cruelly abused by a religious man who controlled” her.
Jean Gasho says she was “abused, betrayed and humiliated” by Pastor Walter Masocha, the founder and leader of the Agape for All Nations Ministries International Church.

Her courage to talk about the sexual assault and many life threatening emotional abuses she experienced with Dr. Masocha, has caused her so much trouble.

The church members, especially women refer to Dr. Masocha as “Daddy”. “I struggled initially to call him Daddy but he kept calling me his beloved daughter, and in the end I could not stop calling him Daddy and I even saw him as a father figure in my life, more important than my own biological father,” Jean says.

Jean Gasho urges women to develop courage and speak up and report abuses in church
She is still unable to understand how a man of God, a man she trusted to an extent of calling him “Daddy”, ended up ruining her life and family.

Pastor Masocha, who is also originally from Zimbabwe, was recently arrested and is currently facing two charges of sexual assault – one on a child and one on an adult.

He was Jean’s spiritual father for about two years, until last year. “During those two years I watched the man I had trusted as my father slowly turn me against my husband and manipulate me in ways that were so cruel and almost inhuman. I used to confide in him and shared all my weaknesses with him, as he said I was supposed to tell him everything. He then started using the information I shared with him against me,” Jean says.

The pastor, Jean says, put her in the spotlight in the church. She was actively involved in various activities including drama, magazine and artwork for the ministry. “This caused a lot of the women in the church to resent me and bully me, yet Dr. Masocha never supported me or shielded me from the bullying,” Jean says.

She was later on surprised to find out that Dr. Masocha “was even behind the bullying.”

Dr. Masocha “orchestrated an ambulance being called in the middle of a church service to section me under the mental health act,” Jean says. “He also planned to have my children taken away from me. As if this wasn’t enough, during prayer surgeries he used to extend his hands and touch me on places that are only meant for a husband to touch his wife. I felt violated and would even come home and tell my husband, but my husband would say the Archbishop was a prophet and he knew what he was doing.”

Jean Gasho appeals to men to stand with their wives and daughters and not to blame them for being abused
Asked what made her rebel and break the silence on these abuses, Jean says: “Just before the ambulance incident, my eyes were starting to open and I saw the deception in the church, especially among the pastors. There was so much bullying and every Sunday I dreaded going to church.”

Jean’s husband however, never listened to her fears. Whenever she refused to go to church, her husband called her “demonic” and even reported her to Dr. Masocha.

“My marriage was so strained by the church, emotionally and financially, and Dr. Masocha was doing nothing to help us. I got to a point where I couldn’t do it anymore, for sanity’s sake,” Jean says. “My husband was becoming more and more abusive, and everything he was doing he said he was being instructed by Daddy. I started to see that slowly it was Daddy who was destroying my life.”

Jean says she was also “humiliated and labelled mental in front of the whole church” by her sister in law who is a pastor in the same church.

The church’s attempt to section Jean under the mental health act failed because the medical staff saw there was nothing wrong with her. “The backlash from the church was unbelievable as they were outraged that I was not sectioned. I was then badly beaten by my husband who was also outraged that I was not sectioned,” Jean says.

At that stage she decided to flee her matrimonial home and sought safety in a women’s Refuge. “In the Refuge I had lost everything and I felt I had nothing to lose. I had reported the sexual abuse to the police and I felt nothing was being done to bring Dr. Masocha to justice. Without a voice and in despair, I started a blog and started writing my own online diary of my horrendous experiences in Agape. The blog created a huge public interest for some reason, and victims of Dr. Masocha started speaking out.”

Jean’s decision to speak out about her bad experience in the church marked the end of her marriage. “My husband chose to side with his mother and sisters and Dr. Masocha, and he forsook me and his children. As I speak today, he is busy preparing to testify against me in court in support of Dr. Masocha. It’s been a very painful experience for me,” she says.

Jean admits that her experience at Agape seriously affected her faith. “I am human I won’t lie. I felt confused especially about the very nature of God. At one point I believed Dr. Masocha was a real man of God, then the next minute I could not see God in him. I struggled with that, and even still do to some extent,” Jean says. “I am now very sceptical of churches and men of God, but I have fought within myself to keep my faith. My daughter once asked me why God had allowed what happened to us to happen if He was a God of love. I didn’t know how to answer her, but I could only say maybe one day it will all make sense, if we continue to trust in the Lord. In all this I have learnt that bad things happen to people, even though we may not understand why. I still love the Lord, and it’s my faith that keeps me going.”

Jean Gasho says Pastor Walter Masocha used to extend his hands and touch her on places that are only meant for a husband to touch his wife
Jean is disappointed with the way other church members, especially women reacted when she broke the silence on the abuses. “The Church members especially women are among my worst enemies. They called me all sorts of names and even started their own blog in which they defamed me beyond measure. I have received death threats and continue to receive nasty anonymous letters from members of Agape,” she says.

Apart from her faith, Jean says her three children also keep her going. “I have to overcome for them. I also have a lot of support from the public and I draw a lot of strength from people who believe my story. Some people also email me and share their similar testimonies of abuse in Agape. When I realise that this is not only about me, but hundreds of other victims out there who are afraid to speak out, I find courage to do it for them,” she says.

Jean, who confirms that she has reported Dr. Masocha to the police and relevant authorities, believes that one day justice will take its course. “It may not happen overnight, but I have learnt that speaking out is the first step towards achieving justice, and I will never stop speaking out.”

Asked to react to the news of Dr. Masocha’s arrest and sexual offence charges, Jean says more victims will come forward. “I feel a sense of relief within my spirit, but I know it’s going to be a long road,” she says.

Jean’s advice to women and girls who face abuses in the church is: “Have the courage to speak out. Find someone you trust to confide in, someone who is not a member of the church. Many women make the mistake of confiding in church members, who will in turn label them mental and demonic. This happened a lot in Agape and victims are left off worse than if they had not spoken out. The key is to know who to speak to.”

She says she was lucky to have Muzvare Betty Makoni, the Founder of The Girl Child Network, as “a shoulder to cry on,” adding that Ms. Makoni took her “under her wings with care and compassion.”

Jean also advices women and girls who face abuses in the church to speak to their local GPs. “A lot of women also fear their husbands will disown them if they open up about abuse, especially within the African culture. I would like to encourage men to stand with their wives and daughters and not to blame them for being abused,” she says.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

My first book NAPOLIA, Zuza and the lost Princess is now out!

As my book goes live today Dr Ian Brock McHardy writes to me that hes taking me to Court for defamation unless I remove the post about him by tomorrow and apologize for calling him a thief and a fraudster. 

I will not be removing the post neither am I apologizing so I guess will be facing Dr Mchardy in court. 

Well I am just happy my book is finally out! 

Read the first chapter of my book on my official website which goes live tomorrow and order your copy now on Napolia: Zuza and the lost princess!

Its taken me 17 years to finally achieve this dream. I started writing books when I was 15 years old. Today my first book Napolia, Zuza and the lost Princess has been launched LIVE with my publisher Author House. I wrote this book when I was still a member of Agape, and Dr Masocha had promised me he was going to make me an established author and that he would get the book published for me. He tore my writing dreams apart, and did everything he could so that Napolia would never be read by anyone else. Today if Dr Masocha would have had his way, I would be somewhere locked up in a mental institute, and my dreams would have been shattered for life. But the higher he built his barriers, the taller I became. The furthest Masocha took my rights away, the faster I ran. The more he refused to hear my voice, the louder I became. There was always something inside me so strong, and my light will shine so bright that it will blind you Dr Walter Masocha. Its a shame I have released my first book without the support of the father of my children, as I write this Shingai Musuka is busy preparing for the court case as he will be Dr Masocha's key witness to testify against me in court.

As for me I fought back the system that almost took not only my destiny away, but my children. After fleeing the abusive cult, I was free to pursue my dreams, and today I am a registered author in this world in my own right. My children are my treasure, and they inspired the story of Napolia.

As you know I once did 40 illustrations for Dr Masocha's Threshing Floor book in one week, so much I had blisters on my fingers from drawing. Today I can proudly say I also did my own illustrations for Napolia, I drew them in my own time, and my three beautiful babies were with me all the way. My children are my greatest fans, i wrote this book for them, and everyone in their school knows that their mummy is an artist and author of a very interesting book called Napolia, Zuza and the Lost Princess. In fact my little boy will be taking a copy of Napolia to share with his class on his special share day this month.

I will be signing copies of Napolia at the 1st of March event being hosted by Muzvare Princess Betty Makoni. I really hope you all support me and buy a copy of Napolia. The book was launched today at Authorhouse and I am ecstatic!

Also you can read an interview I did with Bulawayo News 24 last week in preparation of Napolia release on One on One with Author of Napolia

You can also buy a copy on my official website on will be launched tomorrow. 

Please note Napolia only went live today, it will take about a month for it to be launched on major online retailers like Amazon and book stores. Please buy a copy!

Ever since I was a little girl, the only art I ever knew was to draw with my ballpoint pen. I love pen art. These are some of my pen illustrations in my book Napolia. 

Princess Tamara

 In Malia's bedroom

Please do come to the event on 1st of March where I will be signing copies of my book. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Former Archbishop Masocha makes headlines in home town local paper with two sex charges




Dear readers
A lot has been going on in the background. Today I was in Scotland at Falkirk and Stirling  for reasons I cannot disclose on the blog. However I managed to pick up the local paper at Stirling and it was no surprise to me that former Archbishop Dr Masocha was making the headlines on the front page in Stirling for all the wrong reasons.

Agape Head Office in Stirling were the former Archbishop conducted his "surgeries"


Church Leader on sex chargers 

By Stephen Robertson 

An Archbishop of a church based in Stirling appeared in court this week charged with two sexual assaults.

Walter Masocha (49) leader of Agape For All Nations Ministries International Church which has its head office in the city's Melville Terrace, appeared in private and on petition at Stirling Sheriff Court on Monday. 

Masocha, of Cosyneuk House, Sauchieburn, is accused of two charges of sexual assalt- one on a child and one on an adult. Both are alleged to have taken place at his home. 

Appearing from custody before Sheriff Wyllie Robertson on Monday afternoon, Masocha made no plea or declaration and the case was continued for further examination. He was released on bail and will return again to court in relation to the charges on a date yet to be determined. 

Up to 40 members and former members of the church attended at the court building this week and a number packed into the courtroom itself prior to his appearance. 

With the case being heard in private, as is normal court procedure in relation to petition cases, they were unable to sit in on Masocha's appearance, however, and had to make their way out of the courtroom into the corridor. There, some began to pray, one on her knees- before the group's sheer numbers led them being advised to clear what is a non waiting area of the court and to wait outside. 

The church website says that the Archbishop Masocha was both "leader and founder" of the church, which was described as "a fast growing Church established in August 2007". It is also stated that Masocha "is a renowned preacher and teacher of the word of God, a powerful evangelist and prophet of God with a clear calling of an Apostle of Jesus Christ". 

The church itself is also said to have a number of "satellites" in Africa as well as others in Europe and North America. 

An Observer reporter called at the Church's unassuming head office in Stirling's Melville Terrace yesterday (Tuesday) where the only indication that it was based there was a handwritten intercom nameplate showing the word, "Agape". 

While there was no one available for comment at that time, a spokesperson for the Church later called the Observer office to provide a statement in relation to the matter.

It said, " The National Executive Board has accepted the offer from the Archbishop to take leave of absence from his role to protect the name of the ministry and also to concentrate on legal proceedings"

Dear readers, it has also been reported to me that my former friend  Felistas Mudzingwa has been making the comments on this blog lately because she is reported to have been bought a new Mercedes by Dr Masocha to cover up the Liverpool Youth Sex Scandal. Staff Nurse Felistas Mudzingwa and her husband former Nurse Roy Kudzai Mapfumo of Southport are Youth Advisors in Agape and are responsible for giving biblical sound advice to the youth in Agape and making sure they don't engage is illicit sex during conferences. Felistas's husband Roy Kudzai Mapfuma is no stranger to controversy, whilst members of Agape Church Roy was sentenced to 9 months in prison in 2009 after being convicted at Liverpool Crown Court following an investigation by NHS counter fraud.

Felistas Mudzingwa and myself  on 2 June 2013 the day after Sandra Masocha Tutani's wedding in Stirling

A picture of me this afternoon 5 February 2014 in Scotland at Falkirk Police station, were Dr Masocha spent 4 days and 4  nights in custody last week. It was a very emotional experience for me today. 

Monday, 3 February 2014

At Stirling Sherif Court: Former Archbishop Dr Masocha granted bail after appeal

Dr Masocha was initially denied bail but after appealing he was granted conditional bail. Obviously being as shallow as puddles  and uneducated in how the criminal justice system works in the UK,  the Agape Team are celebrating the bail mistaking it for freedom.  They may not obviously understand what bail actually means.  He has not been acquitted, he is on bail.  Many dangerous criminals get conditional bail before they are sentenced.  The former Archbishop has been warned not to commit any other offences whilst on bail. 

However it was a dramatic day at Stirling Sherif Court today. Dramatic indeed. Two strong members of Team Jean Keyboard Warriors spent the day outside and inside the Court in the small city of Stirling. The weather was gloomy and deary, and so was the mood of the Agape Team who turned up in masses, ummm by masses  I mean just over 30. Most of them looked shabby and unkempt, dressed in Agape T-shirts and a few were in overalls and comer-flash uniforms, murmuring and chanting out around the court building throughout the day. Among the chanters was Evangelist Tsitsi Chikowre and Josse Nenzou. Sharon Masocha, David Chikukwa and Caroline Joy Mahachi turned up in huge dark sunglasses, it could have been to hide the puffy eyes and at one point the atmosphere could be cut with a knife. Biological son Tafadzwa TT was also among those supporting the former Archbishop. Biological son Tinashe did not turn up. Surprisingly Sandra Masocha Chihuri was a no show, however her mother Judith Masocha the Prophetess looked gaunt and visibly strained, but was kind enough to greet the Team Jean Keyboard Warriors, awww bless. Shadreck Masocha was also said to be polite and greeting members of Team Jean. EE Amy Asante and her mother Amy were as serious as ever representing the security guards of the former Archbishop. Soliwan Enock  and Portia Dube where representing the youth. Charles Chademana was representing the website team. Josse Nenzou was representing the decorating team. Mary Chikukwa was representing the evangelists. Lydia Khumalo was there representing the surgery team. Tinashe Hove was there representing the FINANCE BOARD. And the head Chef  Trudy was there but sadly she was not allowed to pass over her cooked waitrose organic food to the former Archbishop. Most of the Team Agape were reported to be looking painfully thin and hungry as they continue to fast for their daddy. 

After waiting all morning at Stirling Sherif Court, at 2pm sharp people were finally allowed to enter the Court Room. Agape Team caused so much havoc and disorder to the embarrassment of those around, they flooded the courtroom and sat two by two on seats meant for one person. They were ordered to leave the courtroom and only a certain number was permitted in. " It was so embarrassing Jean, the same behavior they do at the Doncaster Dome is exactly what they were doing in the Court room, I had never seen anything like it," one Keyboard warrior informed me.

 However when it came to the hearing of the former Archbishop, everyone was instructed to leave the courtroom and told the hearing was going to be private due to the nature of the case. The former Archbishop was initially denied bail but appealed against the decision and was later granted bail on second hearing.  Will keep you posted on upcoming hearing dates. Please take heart Team Jean keyboard warriors, murderers and rapists are granted bail. He still has to face trial . Our God is a God of justice.

Photo of Stirling Sherif Court building taken this morning by a team Jean member. 

Luxury now threatened, Stepdaughter Sharon Masocha posing at an expensive London get away in October 2012 were they hired a limousine and champagne and stayed at Hilton hotel for a birthday celebration. The weekend of their luxury getaway their father Masocha was on a luxury break in Macedonia and I was at home with no electricity or food due to extreme poverty. I have emails sent to Dr Masocha to prove what I am saying. 

In the mean time I leave you with Muzvare Betty Makoni' press release statement building up to the 1st of March event, please be there!

Victim No more –Jean Gasho story - Girl Child Network Worldwide hosts International Women`s day
The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Girl Child Network Worldwide which is an international development charity championing for the rights and empowerment of girls as well as supporting their education, peace, safety and justice in the home, school and communities in four countries including United Kingdom will on 1 March host International  Women Day to celebrate the strength of remarkable women and girls who have broken silence on abuse happening especially in churches.  Stanford Le Hope has been chosen to be the place to host the event because of its peace and quiet as well as encouraging more activities especially from the Black and Ethnic minorities around domestic violence and rape.  The event coincides with many cases of Pastors being implicated in rape crimes in the church round the world.
The theme for this year, Victim No More –Jean Gasho Story is centred around a woman who broke silence on the sexual assault and many life threatening emotional abuses she experienced with a church leader in UK. This led to publication of a testimony on her blog, He Was My Daddy which has been viewed by over half a million people in UK and worldwide. Breaking silence made to a serious backlash by  some members of the Agape Church leading her to seek refuge and support from Women activists like Betty Makoni and many others. Sensing this might have affected more and more women and girls in the church, Jean Gasho has been very consistent in demanding justice and to be heard and the platform on 1 March during week leading to   International Women`s Day was found the most suitable one to support victims like Jean who through their courage want to share their story and help others break silence because as it stands the church leader is in police custody facing child rape allegations. 
There are many prominent and high profile key note speakers from all over the UK and the world.  The Special Guest and Director of Program for the day is Princess Deun Adodyin Solarin who is a renowned TV host for the Princess of Arize! Show on Ben Television and Award winning innovator, communicator and Founder of Pan Afrikan Movement ,Betty Makoni  a renowned gender activist who is Founder of Girl Child Network Worldwide and also Gender Based Violence Expert for Foreign and Common Wealth Office Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative,  Evangelist Elizabeth Kalonga who is Founder of House of Memory in Malawi which spearheads protection of women and girls  who end up on the streets, Spiwe Harper is Author and Educationist who recently published her  book Footprints In The Mist of Time, Rumbidzayi  Bvunzawabaya who is a solicitor and lawyer specialising on immigration issues as well as Founder of a charity Uhuru which gives  psycho social support to immigrants who face challenges  have all confirmed attendance to the event. Many professionals, media personalities women pastors, musicians and women survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence from Essex and around the world are expected to grace the occasion.
`We welcome sponsorship of any form because this event is creating the so much needed platform for women from all walks of life to come together, speak out, heal and finding lasting solutions to abuse. Those who wish to support us on the day are free to do so. We have Jean who needs support and we have made sure some proceeds from the day are donated to her so that she supports her three children during this difficult time. She needs to start from somewhere and we strongly feel  even though in a small way this gesture is worth it`, said Fayi Tsikwa the event coordinator.
Meanwhile Betty Makoni welcomes guests for the event to the quiet and peaceful town of Stanford Le Hope.
`I can’t think of anywhere better to create such a platform like this  where we will inspire and empower each other whilst ensuring such gross violations of women`s rights stop once and for all. Many women and girls fail to report due to fear and bringing all experts who help in such cases will reassure women. Welcome to Stanford Le Hope everyone. It is time to act and not just talk., said Betty Makoni
A petition to call on UK government to assist victims of abuse through the church is doing rounds on the internet. Pastor Cindy Martin who is an Ex member of the church who will also be there 
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Friday, 31 January 2014

Archbishop Dr Walter Masocha arrested!

Church Release first statement on website as Leader remains in custody

Dr Walter Masocha spends the night behind bars and is to appear at Stirling Court on Monday 3 February 2014 charged with multiple sexual offences  

Ahoy Team Jean! Ahoy Keyboard Warriors! 

I can now confirm with my close Team that Dr Walter Masocha the leader and founder of Agape For All Nations Ministries International was arrested last night at his Cosyneuk Mansion in Scotland charged with sexual offences and is due to appear in court on Monday the 3rd of February. God is a God of justice indeed! I can also confirm that there is great weeping at Cosyneuk Mansion as stepdaughters Sandra and Sharon are distraught over the arrest of their father. The Prophetess is also said to be inconsolable over the matter. I am lost for words myself but I am going to be travelling to Scotland Stirling over the weekend so that I can face Dr Walter Masocha in court and look him in the eye as he is the man who broke my marriage and took away my children's father. As you know my husband Shingai Musuka forsook us to follow Dr Walter Masocha and he has not seen his kids in over 6 months and refuses to look after them financially. He also refused to pay the mortgage so my three children have lost their beautiful home. But God has heard my cry and today I can confirm that the monster who ruined my life Dr Masocha is now behind bars as I write this. I also wanted to remind Patience Musuka and Emmauel what ever his surname is to start looking for another Archbishop to wed them on their Agape wedding on 3 May because unfortunately their Daddy Masocha will be behind bars as he is not likely to get bail. I can now finally write in my native language, mwari vakanaka shuwa! I have lived to see justice served on the man who cruelly abused me! Team Jean keyboard Warriors farai neni zuva ranhasi! I will be seeing Dr Masocha in court on Monday as he will be charged with sexual offences! 

Please see below the sorry statement they released on their website yesterday. 

Agape For All Nations Ministries International Response to my Blog! 

There have been recent postings on social media that have involved and affected many people in – and with links to – Agape For All Nations Ministries International.
What initially began as an attack on a small group of individuals quickly involved other leaders and saints throughout Agape, and in some cases affected people outwith Agape. It has since largely became a platform for cyber-bullying, gossip, harassment and slander with others doing so in spiteful attempts to settle old debts or old scores, some of which predate the inception of the ministry.

We acknowledge the impact that this has had on the personal, family, work and church lives of many saints in the ministry and empathise with the hurt that we together have experienced.
It is worthwhile noting that Agape FANMI uses the money it receives to help achieve its stated claims and objectives and specifically has never given money to support, buy or loan the purchase of nay property, house, or car for anyone. This has been independently verified by our external auditors. It is also worthwhile noting that the Archbishop is married to one wife, our mother the Prophetess. The accounts of the church, which are prepared by a reputable firm of accountants, are publicly disclosed and discussed every year at the AGM during the UK Family Conference.
Since many of the accusations and statements posted on the social platform could be libellous, the Archbishop, Prophetess and senior leadership are receiving legal advice on the whole matter and do not wish to comment on the details of this at the current time.

We want to thank and appreciate all the saints, stewards, attaches, envoys, commissioners and Board members who have supported each other, the vision, ministry and have continued to worship and serve God during this storm.

As a ministry we draw the lesson learnt and accordingly we are reviewing our practise to minimise the risk of any similar situation arising in the future and to provide effective, timely support for those involved with such difficult situations. We reiterate that nothing we say or do in Agape is meant to direct our worship at any individual; only the Truine God (God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Spirit).
Although we support the right to free speech for everyone, we do not view social media in general as the appropriate platform for Christians in particular to air personal issues if there is a genuine desire to have them resolved.
There are clear instructions in the Word of God shared extensively in Agape that give direction on how to effectively address concerns that may arise between individuals. These include Mathew 6:12, 15 and Mathew 18:15-17. These Scriptures demonstrate a clear path of effective dealing with concerns through leadership if needed. We in Agape endorse the application of these. We believe that discussion of issues between individuals not directly involved is largely unhelpful and can be harmful.
As has already been communicated, we discourage all saints to respond to things posted on social media.
We suggest that saints spend time studying the Word of God and invest their spare time in more edifying activities and pursuits. We encourage all saints and leaders to keep on mission implementing the vision and to be united in prayer and mutual encouragement at this and all times.

Grace be unto you, and peace, FROM God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ (1st Corinthians 1:3)

Dr Masocha now in custody

 Archbishop Dr Masocha signing the marriage certificate of his step daughter Sandra and Geoffrey Chihuri
Patience Musuka with my husband Shingai Musuka and brother Shepherd Musuka
 My once loving husband kissing me at the Agape Couples Conference 2012. 

Friday, 24 January 2014

Another open letter to Agape by Zimbabwean based Envoy Sam Matema

Dear readers, below is an open letter by recently resigned Envoy and Board Member Sam Matema .



 I have been following the blog from the early days having been alerted by a friend from the United Methodist Church in Harare who once worked with Dr Masocha at the Auditor General’s office.  Ever since, AFANMI has been in the dock for more than four months now. The tragedy is that the AFANMI leadership, out of their wisdom or lack of it, chose not to issue a statement as is normal procedure with basic crisis management.

 A mere mortal like me cannot claim to be a barometer of perfection. I have my own imperfections and I stand to be corrected since I am merely giving an opinion. However, I want in this submission to challenge the leadership in Agape to hold up a mirror and critique the reflection thereof. The Pay-off line for AFANMI is ‘Finding the lost and equipping the found’. From the foregoing Agape is on trial for failing to live up to that promise.

 Let me refer to the book of Deuteronomy Chapter 5 (the 10 commandments) as my point of departure. How did Agape fare over the years and how is it faring now on these basic tenets?

 (a) Verse 9 – “You shall not bow down to the (gods) or worship them”. Agape we celebrate and glorify Dr Walter Masocha. See how saints bow before him and how people throw their jackets so he can walk on them.

(b) Verse 9 – You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God – We are guilty of advancing personal agendas under the guise of ‘the Lord-said-this-to-me mantra’. This is the big one, the juicy part – the Apostle claims to have been offered a top paying job understudying former Secretary General Kofi Annan at the United Nations. The Apostle could not take up that offer because on the eve of his departure to New York, God called him to fulltime ministry and that marked the genesis of the Agape vision. I have serious reservations with this claim because of two fundamental reasons. Firstly, for all I know, UN jobs at Secretary General and Undersecretary level are political appointments. A government nominates a candidate and lobby for it. I don’t recall in 2007 and in any other year for that matter, the Zimbabwean government nominating and lobbying for one Dr Walter Masocha for a UN top post. Secondly if the UN offer really existed and God spoke against the Apostle taking up the offer, then that letter is key and central to the Agape vision because it is the basis upon which God started His conversation with Walter Masocha about his call to fulltime ministry in place of a lucrative UN job. In that regard I demand to see the offer letter from the UN and the air tickets that he claims were all ready.

(c)    Verse 16 “Honour your father and your mother as the Lord your God has commanded you” – Note that this is a command from God himself. We have been taught in Agape that the Apostle can play father and the Prophetess mother in place of our parents. It is important to note that you can only get a blessing or a curse from your parent or God, Period! There are those that argue around the spiritual father mantra. In other ministries they have gone a step further to talk of a spiritual grandpa. That is bull-nonsense. 1 Corinthians 4 v 15 – “For though you might have 10,000 instructors in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers, for in Jesus Christ, I have begotten you through the gospel. Therefore I urge you, intimate me”.

The concept of spiritual fathers is used for control, manipulation and financial gain driven largely by a Christian’s fear of being cursed. John 2 v 26-27 – “These things I have written to you concerning those who try to deceive you. 27 . But the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you do not need anyone teach you, but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things ....”

(d) Verse 18 – “You shall not commit adultery” – I don’t need to say more on this one. Cases abound in Agape of leaders at the highest level of the ministry echelons, and leadership just turns a blind eye.

(e) Verse 19 – “You shall not steal” – There are monies that the church leadership cannot account for. From the records available at the Scottish Charities Commission you get the impression that expenses were inflated. It is also fact that church monies from the sale of DVDs and other church promotional material were deposited in personal accounts as opposed to a church account. Obviously the motivation was selfish.

(f)    Verse 20 – “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbour”. Other leaders were forced out of the ministry because certain leaders did not agree with them. They were forced out on trumped up charges. The story of one Jean Gasho comes to mind. An ambulance was called by senior people in the ministry who claimed that Jean was a mental case. They did this primarily because they had personal differences with her and were trying to get at her. Can Agape stoop this low?

When we are performing as dismal as highlighted above we have every reason to introspect and seriously reflect on the way we have been doing the things we have done, the way we have generally carried ourselves in the course of duty. I have observed over the years that founder members of ministries start off very well but along the way they get carried away by the fame around them. The Lord our God rejected king Saul because he turned away from Him. 1st Samuel 15 v 11 – “I am grieved that I made Saul king because he has turned away from me and has not carried out my instructions”. Just like king Saul we have tried to put on brave faces in the face of a deepening crisis, but the writing is on the wall. The church is crying for true shepherds. 1st Samuel 15 v 14 – “What then is this bleating of sheep in my ears? What is the lowing of cattle that I hear”

It is important to note that King Saul was prophesying under the influence of an evil spirit. Also note that the Lord was with David but had left Saul (1st Samuel 18 v 12). The point that I am trying to bring home is that we risk, as children of God, following people that are being driven by a spirit that is not of God. This explains why the bible encourages us to test the spirits. The bible also teaches and encourages us to look at the fruits of the spirit. When leaders begin to chase away those that see things differently from them, when leaders abuse church funds, when leaders demand massages from congregants, when they manipulate people into hugging them under the guise of them getting a blessing (God-said-whoever-receives-a-cuddle-from-me-gets-a-blessing mantra), etc then that fruit is not of God.

Agape we have carried ourselves in a way that leaves all the hallmarks of a cult. We have celebrated and glorified Walter Masocha through song (God send Walter) and dance (Apostle’s team) in place of God through His only begotten son Jesus Christ. We are nothing but a cult. Everything else must stop when Walter arrives. Even when you are in the middle of worship, you just have to stop and start singing, ‘God send your servant Walter’. If this is not a scandal, then what is. I would be very happy if people contribute to this piece on the basis of facts and opinions contained herein and not to be personal, emotional and violent.

Posterity is counting on us. We owe it to our children, the future generations to protect the Agape vision which, on paper is very good but has been dragged into the mud by hypocrites, power-hungry and greedy individuals. The Apostle surrounded himself with dead wood, and deliberately so. There is a leadership crisis in Agape, pretty much the same problems and challenges bedevilling ZANU (PF) and the MDC-T because these parties are modelled around individuals. Agape is modelled around Dr Walter Masocha. He is the face of the ministry. Now that the face of the ministry is entangled in the current problems, the problems will also assume the same face of Walter Masocha. Yes the crisis in Agape has a face – Dr Walter Masocha.

Apostle Walter Masocha you are the CEO of AFANMI and you take the blame for all the ills and credit for those things that go right. Jethro the father-in-law of Moses confronted Moses, Exodus 18 v 17 – “What you are doing is not good”. This is the basis of church leadership that Moses was being taught by Jethro. Verse 21 – “But select capable men from all the people – men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonesty gain, and appoint them as officials”. Most of the leaders in Agape do not measure up to Jethro’s litmus test. Blame it on the CEO. The basic leadership principle says there are no bad soldiers.

Brethren we need to be true to ourselves first. Those that are not economic with the truth will agree with me that there is selective application of the law in Agape. The church is being run the Animal Farm style – ‘All animals are equal, but with tails’. There is no consistency in terms of the application of the law. Let me just use cases from Zimbabwe to explain my point,

[a] How different is Commissioner Mandaza’s case from Envoy Dube’s (Bulawayo)? The instruction to have Commissioner Mandaza to take a back seat in view of the domestic challenges he is having was the normal thing to do. But how to you cause the Commissioner to step aside for the domestic challenges but you don’t cause the same for Envoy Dube who caused a woman congregant to be chased away from her matrimonial home because of his improper conduct with the woman? Envoy Ian, with the blessing of the Apostle, paid the $2,500.00 that Envoy Dube took from the woman. We do not know the source of these funds and the motivation behind even sidelining the local leadership that was handling the case.

[b] Commissioner Mandaza is alleged to be having an extra-marital affair so is the Apostle who is alleged to have extra-marital affairs. If the allegations against the Commissioner are true then that is improper. That the Apostle abuses congregants by getting women to massage him, allowing women to kiss him, hug him anyhow, that alone is improper conduct.

Agape leadership, the challenge that you have is to disabuse yourselves of the ostrich mentality of burying the head in the sand. You pretend all is well when the house is on fire. You are so impermeable and non-porous to criticism, different opinions and a voice of reason. Apostle your style of leadership is so ad-hoc and reactionary. You are always caught up in a love affair with your present to the detriment of the future. The thinking and reasoning is so parochial and selfish. I confronted you in Botswana Apostle regarding the Commissioner Mandaza’s issue. I called you to act on it before it damaged the ministry in Zimbabwe but you told me, “Iyo isiye yakadaro” (leave it like that). There are things you cannot wish away Apostle, and as a leader you need to use the long lenses.

How did you allow a decision to force Evangelist Walter Nhliziyo out of the leadership for having a different opinion with most of the leaders around how the ministry should handle the blog? Everyone has a right to be heard. Besides how do you fire a Volunteer and how do you allow another Envoy to write a letter of dismissal to a fellow Envoy? You appointed Evangelist Walter Nhliziyo (ostensibly on the instruction from heaven on a fulltime basis and mid-stream he was to become a volunteer) and are therefore the employer, and it must follow therefore that you generate the document to dismiss. Apostle I have very serious problems with the timing of the dismissal. There is an Envoys board meeting this weekend, and it is fact that Mr Nhliziyo is very upfront with issues. Would it be wrong if I conclude that the timing was meant to bar him from the meeting? As far as I know Apostle you have had issues with Mr Nhliziyo even before the blog. I vividly remember when you asked me why I had given Mr Nhliziyo one of my cars to use on one of his visits to Zimbabwe without your permission. Of course I told you in the face that you don’t tell me who to give and not to give my cars, and that if you have issues with Nhliziyo sort yourselves. It was all good that I drove you in the same Range Rover to your in-laws in Hurungwe and your rural home in Buhera but you did not want Walter Nhliziyo to drive the same car of a brother in Christ. Talk of true and unconditional love. Talk is cheap. How hypocritical can people be? You taught us to sing “We are heirs of the father .....” That is a powerful song Apostle, pregnant with meaning, but I am saddened that you don’t mean what you teach us. Man of God you asked me as a local business man whether the environment was conducive in Zimbabwe for you to set up an Audit firm when we were seated at the pool side at Holiday Inn Harare. What does that say about your claim that God called you to full-time ministry and that you should not be involved in any other business? This was a serious contradiction and it got me to question a number of your claims.

 Agape vision – Was there ever a vision or it was a brilliant business idea? Why is it that there is no transparency around church funds? Everyone in the ministry is a stakeholder and has the right to see how the church funds are being used. When we say we deserve to know what became of the church money between 2007 and 2008, leadership should lend us their ear. According to accounts filed with the Scottish Charities Commission, we raised upwards of $4,800,000.00 between 2009 and 2013. These figures are understated big time because they don’t take into account revenue generated from promotional activities. How then do you explain the fact that the ministry up to late last year did not own anything? The last minute rush to pay 200 000 British Pounds late last year was a direct consequence of the abuse of church funds that was exposed on the blog. Why is the leadership not warming up to the idea of an independent board that directs policy and play an oversight role? Why is the leadership not warming up to the idea of amending or re-writing the church constitution that is so defective as it protects an individual called Walter Masocha and not the ministry? All the challenges that we face in the ministry can easily be traced back to a defective constitution. Unless we make the amending or re-writing of the church constitution a priority, then we will be building a bridge to nowhere. We all have a responsibility as a collective to right all the wrongs. We cannot blame it on anyone but ourselves. I always say you cannot blame your dry lips on the Hamattan winds when you can lick them. Let’s debate.

 God bless,